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Online Stores Selling EQ Publications & Comic Supplies !


Attempting to make a cleancut thread listing info about:

¤ Online stores that sell ElfQuest Publications (comics, fiction etc) and/or comic supplies

¤ Comic bag & board info

¤ Online comic publication database resources

...last updated: 2010-06-09... (fixed text formatting)

So if you want to add something to this list, please post about the link/store and possible own experiences with it and I'll edit this list and also credit you for that info with your name within { } next to store etc, so we can keep this thread nice and cleaaaan :D Naturally, if you have corrections, please let me know of those as well Wink


¤ Online Elfquest WolfRider Shop

(soon reformed to full small-town shop, stay tuned for updates Smile


Sells: Old EQ comics + often misc/rare EQ publications and items.

- - - - - - -

¤ 360 Comics [USA] {jamesbell}


Sells: New DC Comics publications of EQ.

- - - - - - -

¤ AB Bookman's [Central site USA based, individual bookstores' location can vary]


The world's largest online marketplace for books. Individual bookstores within this marketplace can offer: EQ fiction book publications as well as some comics and deluxe editions.

- - - - - - -

¤ Adlibris [Sweden] {PanzerKitten}


Online bookstore that sells: New DC Comics publications.

- - - - - - -

¤ Alibris [Central site USA based(?), individual bookstores' location can vary] {Deerswift}


Network of stores with Used, New and Out-of-Print Books (+ Music and Movies). Here bookstores can provide you with: EQ fiction book publications as well as some comics and deluxe editions.

- - - - - - -

¤ Alvglans Förlag [Sweden] {PanzerKitten}


IRL comics & book store that has a virtual shop. Sells: New DC Comics publications.

- - - - - - -

¤ Amazon [Central site USA based, sellers' locations can vary]


Gigant bookstore that partnerships with many other stores for a variety of items, and also allow members to list used books for sale: Old & new EQ publications to be found here.

- - - - - - -

¤ American Bookstore in Amsterdam
[Netherlands] {Xan21}


Sells: New DC Comics publications of EQ.

- - - - - - -

¤ Avalon
[Norway] {Jeppe}


Sells: Old Reader's Collections.

- - - - - - -

¤ Carlsen Manga [Denmark] {Jeppe}


Online store that has books, comics and manga. Sells: Daneish EQ publications.

- - - - - - -

¤ Comic Express [Germany] {Anke}


Sells: old and new US comics, offer pre-order of future publications (2 months in advance).

- - - - - - -

¤ eBay [Central site USA based, sellers' locations can vary][/size:ec9843fc21]


Huge online auction site. Individual sellers offer: A wide variety of ElfQuest comics, memorabilia & merchandise. Possible to find various comic supplies here too.

- - - - - - -

¤ Fantask [Denmark] {wildfire}


Online store that has books, comics, games and movies. Sells: Many old & new EQ publications, such as older Reader's Collections and comics plus new DC Comics publications + Danish publications of single issues.

- - - - - - -

¤ Faraos Cigarer [Denmark] {wildfire}


Comics and games store. Sells: some old English Reader's Collections, New DC comics publications + Daneish publications of single issues.

- - - - - - -

¤ Hood.de [Germany] {Anke}


Online auction site. With less traffic than eBay, higher chance of getting a good price.

- - - - - - -

¤ Lone Star Comics [USA]{Livie the Lurker}

www.lonestarcomics.com / http://www.mycomicshop.com

Supposedly the largest comics, game, figure specality, science fiction and fantasy books retailer in Texas. Sells: some old English EQ Reader's Collections, New DC Comics publications.

- - - - - - -

¤ Midtown Comics [USA]


Sells: New DC Comics publications of EQ + comic supplies.

- - - - - - -

¤ Mile High Comics


Store that has comic books, cards, games, toys. Sells: older/old/new EQ publications + comic supplies.

- - - - - - -

¤ Proxis.be
[Belgium] {Bonita}


Store that has books, music, software, videos, games and software: Sells: Most older/old/new EQ publications + comic supplies.

- - - - - - -

¤ Sammlerecke
[Germany] {Anke}


IRL comics & book store that has a virtual shop. Sells: old and new US and German comics, offer pre-order of future publications (2 months in advance)

- - - - - - -

¤ SF-Bokhandeln
[Sweden] {PanzerKitten}


Store that has comics, games and supplies. Sells: New DC Comics publications.

- - - - - - -

¤ Seriebörsen Linköping


IRL comics & book store that has a virtual shop. Sells: Old, older & new EQ comics + comic supplies.

- - - - - - -

¤ Tradera
[Based in Sweden]


Auction site with usually a few Swedish EQ comics listed, sometimes also English.

- - - - - - -

¤ Tronsmo
[Norway] {Kotori}


Sells: Reader's Collections.

- - - - - - -

¤ Underholdningsmagneten
[Norway] {Livie the Lurker}


Store that sells books, computer/rpg and other game stuff, miniatures, and comics. Sells: Old Reader's Collections (including hard to find #11b Wild Hunt and #9c Kahvi) + new DC Comics publications.

- - - - - - -


¤ Current/ Modern sized comic bag/board

6' 7/8" x 10' 1/2" ~ 174x266 mm

¤ Silver Age sized comic bag/board

7' 3/8" x 10' 1/2" ~ 181x266 mm

¤ Golden Age sized comic bag/board

7' 5/8" x 10' 1/2" ~ 196x266 mm

¤ Magazine sized comic bag/board

8' 7/8" x 11' ~ 222x279 mm

So in practice this gives..

The Original Quest comics, have the measures: 8' x 10' 15/16" ie 20,3 cm x 27,6 cm and would fit in the appropriately named Magazine Sized comic bags.

The ElfQuest Anthology series and many other series like in the more traditional comic format, have the measures: 6' 10/16" x 10' 2/16" ie 16,8 x 26 cm and then the Current/Modern sized bag would be to prefer.

As for the Starblaze/Donning Volumes, their measures are roughly: 5' 1/16" x 7' 10/16" ie 12.9 x19 cm and I'm not aware if there are any suitable bags for them and other publications like The Big ElfQuest Gatherum and the like.


..and then there's of course Shara's Guide to All publications of ElfQuest Wink

*points below to signature*

¤ Grand Comics Database


¤ LongBox.com



Interesting post, Mirr. But how is it any different than a Google search? Exeept for buyer feedback, which is useful.


Many people do ask for where to buy EQ comics, and why not list stores we have had experiences with or have had recommended by friends.. that was my thought. The recent comic supplies ponderations also made me think it would be a good idea to post general info about comic bags/boards :)

And many also do forget about eBay and the Official Store, yes!


You can also buy Reader's Collections at http://www.tronsmo.no/


A friend showed me http://www.abebooks.com today, and I for sure will have to shop around there soon, as I'm very anxious to read the EQ fiction books!

Also, if you're wondering about the different condition terms for books there: "Terms for Describing Condition from AB Bookman's"

Also, changed title of this thread a bit, to fit the fiction stuff etc :)


Mirr! you're a goddes!!! when i (hopefully soon) get my copy of SatS i'll try to figure out where things are on that page (loooong time since i've read or heard norwegian)


For all Danes:



Both sell Elfquest and other comics. Wink


*grins at Jeppe*
That's the nicest thing someone has said to me for some time, and I'm glad this listing does come to use :)

Thanks for those links, wildfire :)
Although the first page I can't see anything on really, just a lot of boxes with images that won't load. And the header title I am guessing is Portugese, as the page is registered to someone in Portugal.


Another Norwegian one:
not sure what versions.


Damn! I meant:




sælger faraos andet end "elverfolket" og "drømmenes tid"??

just asking about faraos!


wildfire, that explains it then :)
I also realized I hadn't properly checked fantask.com for Daneish publications either earlier, but updated that now. Need to doublecheck other international webbies later as well.

Skywise, I have already listed avalon.no from when Jeppe mentioned it earlier in another thread ;)

And Jeppe, I did find many Daneish titles there, so go to the Daneish comics section and search for "elverfolket" :)


I'd like to root for:

http://www.adlibris.se, I've dealed with them before and they're good, fast with delivery and a good website.

http://www.sfbok.se and
http://www.alvglans.se is also quite good.


Thank you, have added them now :)

Quite ironic, so few Swedes on this forum.. but seems we have most of the Scandinavian stores that do sell EQ, in Sweden?



[size=18:05a8deddba]-= ONLINE COMIC STORES =-[/size:05a8deddba]

[color=blue:05a8deddba]¤ The Official ElfQuest WolfRider Shop on eBay [size=9:05a8deddba][USA][/size:05a8deddba]

[size=9]Sells: Old EQ comics + often misc/rare EQ publications and items.

OK, most everyone knows by now that the Wolfrider Shop on eBay has been shut down.

This does not mean I'm going to stop making EQ books and other items available. I put a lot of thought into this and came to the conclusion that working through eBay is more of a hassle (both financial and administrative) than I want to deal with. So...

In a few days the link on the Elfquest.com home site will point instead to a page within the site that lists what's available and at what cost. Anyone wishing to purchase something will email me and we'll work it out. This might be less automated than using eBay but it's a lot more to my liking.

(Think of it this way: Some stores are open every day from 10am to 8pm, rain or shine, and even if one or two people are out sick or on vacation, the store goes on. Some stores, on the other hand, are the small, hometown sort with a sign in the window that says "Open when I'm here, or by chance." Since I'm the only one running the store, and since sometimes I'm under the weather or traveling or whatever, I want to run the Wolfrider Shop in a more personal way than eBay allows.)

I'll be sure to make an announcement here, and on the site proper, when things are up and running again. Shouldn't be more than a few days. Thanks for your support and patience.


Thank you for relaying that information, Richard. I have now changed the linkage above and added a "stay-tuned" notice!

I am glad the shop will not be completely shut down as I first had feared :)


http://www.carlsencomics.de is not a shop, but the publisher's website. They don't sell anything (anymore).

http://www.comicexpress.de [Germany]
Sells old and new US comics, offer pre-order of future publications (2 months in advance)
I ordered there once or twice and had no problems.

http://www.sammlerecke.de [Germany]
Sell old and new US and German comics, offer pre-order of future publications (2 months in advance)
(I never ordered through the website because I can easily access the shop in Koblenz.)

http://www.hood.de [Germany]
Online auctions. Get less trafiic than ebay, but that means if something pops up, there's a good chance you'll pay less here than you'd pay there.


Thanks for the correction and additions, Anke :)


Hey, everyone!

In a few days I'll be closing down the Wolfrider Shop for about a month. I do this from time to time in order to take care of Warp or family business, when it looks like I won't be able to give prompt and proper attention to the Shop.

(And, as I like to Do Things Right, I prefer to shutter the Shop rather than do a slipshod job of filling orders.)

So if anyone's thinking of placing and paying for an order, do so in the next couple of days. That way I'll be able to ship your books, etc. before going on hiatus.


This is the best online comic shop I've found with fantastic prices and cheap shipping! They will even bag and board your order if you want!


They sell all the single issues, a few RCs, some graphic novels abd the manga. HIGHLY RECCOMEND!!!