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Wolf Pack


I was in an antique/trinket shop today and found some framed wolf pictures tucked away on a high shelf. I didn’t really take note, other than they seemed oddly familiar to me until I noticed one was flipped over and had a bit of a news clipping on the back. As soon as I saw that, Wendy’s named jumped RIGHT out at me. I asked the shop owner but he didn’t know much either, other than his asking price…

I’ve looked around, but the only info I can find on these pictures is that they’re part of a portfolio. Does anyone know anything about these? Were they a set? Are they limited at all? There were five in total, head sketches with a small body sketch in the corner, as well as a smaller picture with a girl and a wolf over her shoulders.

I’d really like to pick one or two up, but if they’re a set, I really don’t want to break them up.

Thanks for any help!


Yes they were a set and the portfolio was called "The Wolves of Wolf Park". That is all I know. I don't think they are easy to get. I can not remember I have seen it anywhere.


Guess I'm lucky to own one of those... Tongue

The portfolio (1986) consists of eleven beautiful wolf portraits (one on the back cover), a front cover (girl carrying a wolf on her shoulders) as well as some information on Wendy, the Wolf Park director Dr. Klinghammer (nice Troll-name... Happy) and the eleven wolves shown in the portfolio.


You ARE lucky Smile