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Which Version Do I Mean?


I'm hoping some people can help me out with this -- I owned a set of 4 ElfQuest graphic novels (the series from the first issue through finding the palace with the Go-Backs) about, oh, 7-8 years ago. Sadly, I no longer have them. =( I want to reconstruct my collection (hopefully without paying an arm and a leg!) but my problem is this: I've narrowed it down to the two possible versions it might have been, Starblaze or "The Complete ElfQuest" books 1-4 by FTP.

My question is this: Does anyone happen to know the DIMENSIONS of either edition, or where I can find out? I've hunted around the internet and can't figure it out, myself. I remember the books as being somewhat overlarge, but an eBay listing for what appeared to be a Starblaze version said it was about 11 &1/2 by 9 inches. It's POSSIBLE that's all it was, but any info would be great!

And, um.... sorry if I'm not supposed to post this kind of question in this thread?


Would info about seize in centimeters help?


Yeah! It should be pretty easy for me to find a way to convert that. Smile


All my Starblazes are 11 by 8.5 inches, just checked. Smile


You know what - The Complete Elfquest has almost the same size - identical lenght (11 inches then Wink) and with 21 centimeters just 0,5 centimeters less in width.

The real difference is the coloring.

Personally I prefer the Starblaze/Donning colors before the Complete Elfquest by Father Tree Press. TCEQ is more two-dimentional in my opinion when it comes to coloring. Starblaze is more detailed, often more "lifelike" ... gotten more love somehow.

I might be biased, though - the first and only EQ issues I had for long and fell in love with Smile had the Starblaze coloring (the original Quest). I was somehow irritated ... even very slightly disappointed - when I got the the first issue of Siege at Blue Mountain - with the "new" coloring.

Well - I was much too happy to have EQ going on to give this feeling room.

When you think it helps I could post some "compairing couples".



I was somehow irritated ... even very slightly disappointed - when I got the the first issue of Siege at Blue Mountain - with the "new" coloring.

I agree - remember the midst of Littletrill's movement lines colored in dark violet? OMG!!

Looked like exhaust fumes to me! Evilgrin




Exhaust fumes? *Sweatdrop*

If by "comparing couples" you mean what the coloring looks like on the same example pages side by side, that would be fantastic, actually. Smile If it's not what you meant, then all I can say is "Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh? *stupidly blank non-understanding expression*"

But really, I just thought of the single easiest thing to ask -- did the one from Father Tree *ever* have the same-looking cover as Starblaze, because I'm sure I had the ones with the swoopy-looking Leetah on the front all in reds and yellows (for book one) and so forth.


Yes, I mean example pages side by side Smile

But what do you mean by "swoopy-looking Leetah on the front all in reds and yellows (for book one) and so forth". Just on Book 1 ... or on the following as well?

Starblaze and The Complete Elfquest do NOT share the same covers.

Book 1 of TCEQ shows a Leetah that matches your description.

Book 1 of Starblaze shows a ghostly Leetah in her pink night gown.


Yeah, I mean the one with her wearing the nightgown, and I meant for book 1 only. Book two would have Cutter and Skywise standing in a forest, with Skywise holding the Lodestone, book three was blue (and I think had Winnowill on the cover) and book 4 was white, with Leetah, Cutter and Skywise ont he front.


The Leetah I meant on TCEQ 1 is dressed in her usual red-blue-golden Sunvillage outfit.

You are describing the Starblaze covers. And they are clearly different from any TCEQ cover.
When I remember right there are existing hardcover and softcover editions of Donning/Starblaze. Skya or Livie the Lurker might be able to help with more trusty information.


Thanks! This has been TOTALLY helpful! *hugs*!!