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Missing the beginning of Mender's Tale?


Okay so like ... I decided I needed to take the time to sit down and really READ all the EQ titles - because well seriously the ONLY stories i have EVER really followed were the ones done by Wendy and Richard.

The rest I just had no interest in and didn't really consider "real EQ" I guess (call me a snob, call me a purist - call me silly, lol). Anyways, since it is going to be considered "real" stories of the world of two moons, then by gum I likely ought to just stuff my snobbiness and read'em ALL.

But so I hit on Mender's tale ... and it seems to start on Part 3? Are parts 1 and 2 missing? or does it start under some other title?

Clue me in pleeeeeeeeeeeease! lol


Parts 1 and 2 are at the end of the "Wild Hunt" storyline...



Hmmm I just read the wild hunt series this afternoon and didnt notice that part guess I will have to reread it then


Okay yes even though I cycled through the entire wild hunt (until the next page bright me back to the cover page that it starts with) located here:


I never saw the ones that you just linked me to.


So are there TWO "wild hunt" storylines then? I was finding mine here linked on this page ...

And that one just cycles back to the cover after a while, but ... doesn't contain what you just linked here. Not sure where I would have found what you linked on this list of online comics page ...


If you click on the Wild Hunt link that I show in my screenshot in my last post for "Wild Hunt" that ends on this page: http://www.elfquest.com/comic_viewer.php?fd=/gallery/OnlineComics/WH/_ElfQuest%20-%20Wild%20Hunt_page=1#_416#

... and then cycles back to the Ember cover that it starts with ... and I'm thinking what you provided is totally different especially when comparing the URLs ... or am I missing something?


Ohh wait the blonde figured it out!

I missed the little ps on the bottom that says to go back up past alllllll those titles in between the Wild Hunt tale and the Elfquest "Volume 2" section ... and I see that is what you posted ... totally confused me lol!



I liked the art in that- even if it was extremely quick and sketch-like. Lorraine Reyes (now Lorraine McLees), if I'm correct? The only non-Wendy artist who worked on EQ I actually liked. Very manga, and it worked. It probably worked for me because she had a style of her own and did not try to imitate too desperately.


Elwing said: It probably worked for me because she had a style of her own and did not try to imitate too desperately.

We knew that it would be nearly impossible for other artists to mime Wendy's drawing style (the way it is - or was - required of an animator, for example, if he/she wanted to work for Disney drawing Mickey Mouse). So instead of looking for that unattainable holy grail, we sought artists who could infuse the characters with life and energy, and keep them distinguishable one from the other. Lorraine could do that.