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individual reply emails instead of 1 per thread



This morning I woke up to 30 elfquest emails... about 6 threads I follow.

Is it please please please possible to cut back on the amount of email? Before the change, I got 1 email for a thread saying 'there's been a reply. here's the link to the thread. You won't get any more mail about this thread until you've visited it'.

Please please please change the email settings to do that again!!



PS I hope this thread belongs in the bugs section instead of suggestions. Cause it's really starting to annoy me big time.


That's why I have blocked almost all email messages in my settings!

Having only 6 threads you follow seems managable to do "by hand" or with the "notifications" function on the dashboard. Make the same awful mass of messages - but at least all delete automatically when you click "view" on the last one.

Not the best solution - but for sure the fastest when you want to avoid email overload.


Point is, I don't want to turn off email notifications. Because I'm very busy and one mail per thread would remind me to check the Scroll when I have time...



Point is ... this issue was addressed already several times immediately after the site change. Hopefully there will be more time now to take care of it. *crosses fingers*


I know, I replied to it back then too... I figured maybe now there's time indeed Wink There were more important issues to deal with back then. Hoping it'll be fixed now Smile


The point for me is, everytime you answer to a thread it subscribes you automatically, unless you tick off the Subscribe box everytime you post something. I don't want to subscribe for every thread I've ever posted in. If I want to subscribe to a thread whenever I want to, not at every post. So can the Subscribe box be off as a default, so you can click it on yourself whenever you want to follow a thread....

*ticking OFF the Subscribe box and sighing*

So much effort for posting one reply. E-mails I won't get, because I hate all this mail from forums etc....