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The character you dislike most challenge


It is quite natural to not like all characters in a series. Maybe even impossible. As a writer, it can sometimes be hard to write any story set in one timeline, or a tribe, because then you have to give a cameo of said character. To take an example, I have, shamefully, avoided to write any story of the Wolfriders where Strongbow has to say (or send) a word. Or presence. Another common thing to do with the characters one doesn't like is to kill them off.

So. Here is a challenge for you all.

Write a story about the character you dislike most. Said character has to be the main character in your story. Drabbles (100 word stories) are allowed. Extra credit if you've chosen the time period where you find this character extra infuriating.

Good luck everyone, and hopefully you will after this experience gain a better relationship with the character you dislike, or at least get to know him/her better.


Heh. I'd've thought this thread would be filled with Rayek stories by now.


At least Rayek has supporters, too Smile

I remember a time when the best hated characters around seemed to be Scouter and Treestump ... and no one had a lobby.


I was under the impression that most don't dislike Rayek these days. Never disliked him here. At times I've slapped my head and told him that he was stupid, but then again, I've done it to most of the cast. XD

I strongly dislike Strongbow. So when I have a plot ready and finish a story with him, I'll add it here.



At least Rayek has supporters, too Smile

I remember a time when the best hated characters around seemed to be Scouter and Treestump ... and no one had a lobby.

Scouter I can understand, since I find him disturbing, but Treestump? Was it beard hate or the whole Clearbrook thing?


As far as I got it: the "Clearbrook thing" ... guess the beard hasn't helped as well.


I must admit I found it a little creepy. But I blame the way it was presented.

If I was to take this challenge I would be writing a really odd story where I had Strongbow tied to a sofa and I played psychologist and asked about the whole 'He should just take her'-comment and ask him if he'd follow his own advice had he been in Cutter's place.


@ Voji: And I should play the devil's advocate in your story to point out why humans will NEVER be able to grasp the mind of a Wolfrider... Evilgrin

I would have to write a story about Winnowill, which of course is out of the question. You can't do a character justice you don't understand.


You can't do that. Only me and the client are allowed in the room.


This is a great idea, but it doesn't look like anyone did it. I'd have to think as to which character I like least. That may take a while...


Well, at least I tried...

She ran along the forest path, always keeping an eye out for those blasted roots that liked to spring up in her way and trip her. Not that they usually succeeded. Oh no, she was too used to bringing her feet up high for them to get her. Used to walking through deep snow, kicking her feet up. Back in the Frozen Mountains, she had been one of the fleetest hunters, flying though the waist high drifts like the strongest buck.

But here...here her high-stepping gait was awkward and slow. Here, instead of being envied for her prowess, she was coddled like an untested whelp. Deprived of a mount and ever falling behind her new tribes-mates, she wondered, not for the first time, why she had ever come here.

She liked to say the Wolfriders were soft, but she was beginning to learn that this new land was not soft at all. Soft were the snowy mounds that covered the mountains. Here things were hard and sharp, pointy branches that poked out of the leaves, wicked thorns that grabbed and bit at her when she wandered past unaware.

And the trees...all around were the trees. Their branches like a herd of deer, antlers raised high. They were always changing. Green and full when she first arrived, they blocked the sky, letting the sunlight through in flickering flashes like the glow of a distant fire. On windy days, they kept her awake with their rustling leaves, constant whispers floating around her head like sends just out of range.

Then that first fall, she thought her eyes were deceiving her. First that subtle change, as everything took on a warm, golden hue, then the madness of color, so beautiful, and gone so quick. She barely had time to grieve its loss when the winter came and the first snowfall comforted her. For a glorious time, she was in her element, the able huntress, the smell of snow and blood, wet and cold, filling her lungs and fueling her on.

But then, it was gone, too. And she was a new-born calf again, learning to walk on this hard, prickly land. So she ran when she could, the hot, moist air choking her. Her leathers soaking with sweat that would never quite dry, even after she plunged into the water at her run's end. But every day, she was a little faster, a little quieter. A little more of the Go-Back she used to be.

She would learn, she would show them. She could adapt.


Really evocative, Jeb. But is it Yun or Krim? I'm thinking it's Krim but it could be Yun.


I was wondering if anyone would guess who it's about. It's Krim.


Definitely Krim!

Krim was my first thought when it became clear she was a Go-Back.

The discontent with the changed conditions - that's so Krim.
The anger about being "not capable" - that's so Krim.
Looking down on the "soft" Wolfriders - that's so Krim.
Secretly acknowledging that WR life is a challange, too - that's so Krim.

Doubting the decision to go to the woods ... the description of her first woodland season ... it must be Krim.
Yun went from the Frozen Mountains to the Forevergreen and then into the grasslands.

The hard, lonesome training to win back her skills - that's so Krim.
The absolute will to adept - that is Krim.

Excellent insight, jeb!


I really like the way you did this. I thought it might be Krim. Well done. I think I know who I dislike most... hmmm....


I'm gonna do this- just having trouble deciding who I dislike most...

there are contenders.

Maybe we should all make a list of elves we dislike... and get started that way?


You know, that might not be a bad idea.

I think everyone knows that I dislike Strongbow. And I am not too fond of Skot, Snakeskin, Teir, Kureel, Pool, One-Eye or Mantricker. Also feel kinda lukewarm about Skywise?


I must say I don't care for Kahvi. She is a short sighted leader, a terrible parent, deceitful and vengeful. That said, if she died the world of Two Moons would be a slightly more boring place!
Also I'm having trouble suspending my disbelief when it comes to the Wavedancers. I think it's their outfits, they don't really make sense to me. Don't care for them much.


MOONSHADE!!!! she's so 'holier-then-thou' it just makes me wanna slap her with a fish!
none of the wavedancers, Teir and Mender. FFS; grow up the both of you, its just Cutter/Rayek all over again.

Oooooh; SCOUTER!!! 'me, me, me' all.the.effing.time! he never seems to care at all for how Dewshine might feel about him shacking her and what's-her-name together. LOATHE!!!!


I hardly have an elf I dislike - my "dislike" usually turns out as "I don't care about you" or I blame the writer. When I bother enough to express dislike I sooner or later find reasons for him/her - personally or for stories sake.

Chot was the one who ruffled my feather ... he became likeable for me at long term.

There is ONE - Kureel. Sadistic for just this reason. No chance for a story, tho - not even if I were a writer.


Hm, you know, the characters I dislike are those that I perceive to be one-dimensional. But for other people, it may be different with the same criterion. For example, I don't perceive Moonshade as being one-dimensional... and I don't know why. To me, there's depth in her personality, at least up to and including when the Wolfriders find the Go Backs. After that, I dunno.

Chitter is a character that I dislike so far: too childish all the time. But then-again, I have no idea how old she is now. What, 30? Heck, I'm nearly 30 and I feel really childish sometimes too.. Anyway, so far I've found in each character that has appeared more often in the comic, something that balances him/her. Even Chitter, who has a thoughtful moment with Moonshade.

I remember a letter in one of the old Elfquests', where someone (was it Richard?) basically said "The elves are us!". In that sense, any character that displays human emotions like joy, happiness, sadness, thoughtfulness, anger and even behavior like deceit and self-centeredness, I can relate to and appreciate. I hope Chitter will join that club eventually ;)