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Preypacer - the forgotten chief?


Preypacer, son of Rahnee, father of Two-Spear and sire of Skyfire ... and NO thread of his own?
Does anyone else think there is something WRONG here?

Preypacer - Blood of Two Chiefs

Easter EggQuest 2014 reserved for Startear found


I like that one. He always looked mysteriously alluring (in the non sexy way) in the centerspread. Looks even better here, with the blood drop.


I agree with Startear on that.
and suprised about the fact that there was no thread for him.


I've always liked his design. To me he's the most attractive of the male chiefs.



Preypacer - he's seen so seldom! It's great to have a well fleshed out full body shot of him. The loincloth fur in almost the same color as his hair makes him look very feral. the feather/fur adornement on his arm strap is a charming touch.

I like that he's showing so much skin and muscles ... well-done shading!

Easter EggQuest 2012 found


It seems that he likes as little between himself and the forest as possible. XD


I think he lived during a stretch of time when Wolfrider life was not as turbulent. If he was a good leader, and kept the tribe out of trouble, then he may not have inspired many howl stories.


In Hidden Years, when Embers tribe was having a howl, one of the stories the tribe wanted to hear was about Preypacer and the bear. I'd love to hear that story myself.

But yes, his life was fairly unturbulent as chief life goes. One thing I like about him, after rereading the books once again, is how like his mother, he was low ranking in the pack before becoming cheif but unlike her, he doesn't have to act high ranking. He won his cheiftainship when defeating the allo's, but was clear on that he is by no means an alpha and wants counsel from others. This was a super important development in the pack dynamics and what is expected from a Cheif.

Also it is ironic that he had two very dominant children. XD