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Original Signed Hardcover Collection For Sale - Value?


Hello all, though it pains me, I've lost a job and have to part with some of my prized possesions. I have, for sale, four hardback, autographed Elfquest books.

The dates I find in these books start at 1981, 1983 and end in 1984. The first book is a limited edition of 3000 the 2,3,4th books limited to 4000.
Each book is a hard cover fully colored book signed and numbered by Wendy or Wendy and Richard. Each hardback book is a different color (Red, Green, Blue, White)

Each comes in a hard slip cover with golden graphic on the front. Each also includes one full color image page that is not attached to the spine but is it's own item.

I have taken as many pictures as I can to give an idea of what this collection is but can provide more info if you have specific questions. The spine is tight on all books and color is excellent.

My only problem is, I have not seen these before and have no idea of the value. If anyone wants to make an offer or just help with information on the value please get in touch- thank you

For additional pictures, The link below is a page with an index of several images for you to view, just click on them to open: http://mcallister-productions.com/elf/


Best Offer!


Any offers?


Well I'll go a hundred under that winning eBay auction and say $300 for all four, shipped. Ask Questions, comments, offers, I'm happy to talk.


*sigh*The Euro is traded too bad to make prize and shipping (to Germany) reasonable for an additional - yet signed! - edition Unhappy


Yea, they are heavy so state-side best but I am letting them go well under what they just sold for on eBay just as I am out of job at moment so my loss will be a great addition to someone, these are in perfect shape and such beautiful works, I hate to lose them. I'm at $300 right now- anyone?




Still taking offers


$25- shipped to your door OBO, better than the eBay listening. This is teh special one witht the extra two prints as well.


are these still available and is the price still $300?