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Fan Characters


Where there's fan art and fanfiction, I figure that there should be a place in this section to put the bios of the characters [fanart attached or no at your discretion] we all make; our Elfquest selves, if you will.

As such, I personally would like to make such a place [if there's not one already. If there is, please let me know so I can defer to that accordingly].

So here's the rules of the thing: no bashing or hating people just because they have similar character basics to yours, these characters might not even meet depending on how they're used and where. Here, you can also ask if you can use someone's character but if you want to talk specifics, please move to private messages to avoid cluttering things up. If you're collaborating with someone or posting their character for them, please note that before or after the bio. If you want to be specific about details that apply to one timeline or another, please note the changes after the basics.

Here's the bio format itself [don't feel like you have to use it, it's more guidelines than strict rules]:

Soul Name [if any: optionally, if you have any themes or motifs that describe the character, put them after the Soulname. If you want to, full on image but take other people into consideration]:



Notable Talents:

Greatest Skill:

Racial Benefits [magic and such]:


Weakest Ability/Skill:

Short History [if any]:

Relationships of Note:


Feel free to add to the bio if you want or point out things I might have missed in making this. After all, it's your character, your EQ self. The only thing stopping you is you and you alone! Don't let that stop you from making it how you want!


I'll start with mine so as to get things going:

Name: Redmane <adopted the name>
Soul Name <if any>: Yrem. Motifs are a bear, skyfire/lightning, storms, and isolated/lonely.
Age: Approx. 10,000 or so
Race: Elf, one of the Firstborn
Gender: Male

Appearance: Much like the other Firstborn, Redmane is a tall, slender Elf with an elegant facial structure but he doesn't seem to have aged as much as the rest of the Firstborn due to an incident that led to being stuck in Wrapstuff. His hair is a rather striking red color, hanging down to his waist and making his ice-grey eyes seem rather piercing by contrast. He also has a light tan and a scar on his outer right thigh. He does walk with a slight stiffness on the right as a result but he can still run well if he has to. His preference in clothing is for lighter colored leathers with a loose fit so he can move easily but also keeps his hair in a braid with a couple leather strips. He also keeps a small, thin drum tied to his breeches that is slightly reminiscent of a shaman's drum. When angered, he tends to seem a bit more feral, his pupils turning to slits and he lets his hair loose.

Personality: Redmane is usually of gentle, understanding, and friendly temperment, preferring not to 'feed' his quick-as-skyfire temper if at all possible. He tries his hardest to control the anger and keep it under wraps since it was what lead to his being injured and stuck in Wrapstuff for a few millenia, not to mention got a few of his closest friends and other Firstborn killed in the same incident. Which is still a source of regret. He also dislikes it when others consider themselves special or more deserving because of any magic they might possess, despite understanding why, and particularly dislikes being treated different because of his being one of the Firstborn. He also dislikes solitude, despite ending up travelling on his own for the most part, hence why he's currently searching for a place to settle down and be with other Elves.

Notable Talents: Aside from being a good hunter and forager, Redmane has cultivated a talent for writing and use of a short blade hidden in the vest portion of his leathers. While he'd prefer not to use a bow, he can still use it well <not like Strongbow good but still on a good level>. While travelling, he also picked up how to play the drum and took to carrying a small one to aid him in part of his magic.

Greatest Skill: His greatest skill would probably be his use of magic in conjunction with his blade or drum since he can use combination strikes with the blade or the drum to create a better 'rhythm' to use his magic by.

Racial Benefits <magic and such>: Aside from Sending, Redmane's magic lies in the manipulation of the weather, including and especially wind and clouds <including the moisture in the clouds>. As such, he can use them to strike, bind, or confuse/daze the enemies, make fog/mist, or create lightning strikes. He could also use the wind to sharpen his blade or maximize his manipulation by playing various rhythms on the drum he carries. If he wanted to, he could create or clear a heavy thunderstorm or a whirlwind but that is a more tiring act than simply moving clouds or a lightning strike.

Weaknesses: Redmane does possess a weakness to Black/Pain Sending and against plant-shapers. He also can't seem to do his best against rock-shapers, despite still being able to fight capably.

Weakest Ability/Skill: Redmane's weakest skills might be in the art of cooking and using spears or similar weapons. As such, he prefers to not use spears or hafted weapons.

Short History <if any>: As one of the Firstborn, he grew up amongst the other Firstborn and held close bonds with them but, while hunting with three others, they disturbed a group of Longtooths. During the fight against them, Redmane ended up with the wound that would become the scar on his leg and only just managed to get it healed in time to see two of the three with him taken down, the Longtooths about to take him and the fourth <the healer> down. While he fought back, the Longtooths somehow managed to get the fourth before he took them down. He got lost on his way back and ended up passing out in the forest, Preservers eventually finding and using their Wrapstuff until he could be found. Before he knew it, he awoke after about 3 to 4 millenia, not aware he'd been searched for and that time had passed until he saw the differences in the world. Since then, he's travelled around on his own, trying to find a place to call home and be with others of his kind.

Relationships of Note:

Voll: Redmane always looked up to and respected Voll, not just as the first of the Firstborn or as the eldest 'brother' of the group [besides Timmorn] but as the one he wanted to surpass or just be equal with. Even now, he sees Voll as his elder brother and source of inspiration, hoping to do justice to his example.

Timmorn: Much like with Voll, Redmane looked to Timmorn as an example of good qualities but for different reasons. While Voll was noble, regal, and wise to Redmane's mind, Timmorn seemed more down-to-earth, courageous, and passionate. But he wishes that he could've been there at Timmorn's side in the end, if only to see him off. Much like with Voll's example, he tries to do justice to Timmorn's.

More to come in time.

Other: Bonded with a large male black bear recently, similar to how Wolfriders do with wolves, and settled near a cave to stay with his bond-animal during the hybernation cycle.

Moved my character down a post so the first wasn't so cluttered. But still feel free to share if you wish.


Name: Goosefat
Age: around 200
Race: Troll
Gender: Female
Appearance: A bigger than usual troll female, fattened up from "sampling" her cooking.
has mid length red gold hair in a utilitarian braid, the standard troll's big noise and beady eyes.

Personality: at first glance horrible, but her bark is worse than it's bite. Sassy and won't take guff from anyone, even the King of her tribe and boss Steeltooth. Think of Berta from Two and a Half Men.
Notable Talents: Cooking and brewing Dreamberry wine. She's a better cook than Old Maggoty, but her wine isn't quite up to Old Maggoty's standards, which vexes her terribly.
she is also a healer with herbs, but again, has not lived long enough to know all of Old Maggoty's secrets

Greatest Skill: Her analytic mind. She, like old Maggoty is a primitive "scientist" or "chemist" among the trolls.

Weaknesses: Not many. She's physically tough enough to handle all but the strongest Troll Males, who all try to get on her good side because she's such a skilled cook.

Weakest Ability/Skill: although young, she secretly compares herself to Old Maggoty and is frustrated that she isn't the healer and brewer she is...yet.

Short History: Goosefat grew up hungry as the child of a low status male. Thus she always gravitated toward the kitchens, quickly replacing the incompetent Chef Plopper (who is happier serving the mess in the mines) before her 50th birthday. She values her independence and is not eager to marry, although her big belly and skill at cooking make her a quite sought after mate.


Very interesting! And thanks for sharing, Toe [hope you don't mind I call you Toe]. Didn't think we'd get a she-Troll right off the bat but I think Goosefat could be even more interesting later down the line. ANyhow, thanks again!


Hi Redmane!
Thanks for the positive feedback, and I think a weather shaping elf is a neat idea!
and "Toe" is just fine!


Not a problem. After all, that's one reason why I made this thing in the first place. Who wouldn't want a place to share their characters and get positive feedback? Well, if they're into that sort of thing. But thanks! I have to admit, it is a really fun idea! The ways it could be used are limitless, especially in conjuction with other powers! Anyhow, now I know and hope I don't start mistaking you and my favorite Youtube LPer [Toegoff].


Just putting up a warning: this baby might become inactive or I might not be able to get around to looking over it [or the site as a whole] for long periods Monday through Thursday. The life of a guy in college and all. Anyhow, still open for all you and your creations whenever you wish to use them.

Redmane out.

[sorry if this seems like a filler post but I am trying to manage my life on various fronts and that does entail (*snicker*) not being able to be around as much. So see y'all around when I can and I am serious about this still being open for everyone]


Embala recommended me this to explore my elfself. I still don´t have a tribename, so I ask you, my new tribe, to give me one.

Name: Dreamcat
Soul Name <if any>: Lynx
Age: young adult
Race: Elf, father Sun-villiger, mother Wolf-rider
Gender: female

Appearance: slender (almost airy), bright berry-red hair, moss-green huge eyes, pale skin. preferes dark leathers. (See my avatar)

Personality: She´s a playful type who likes to enjoy the sweet sides of life. She´d never miss a night of gambling and dreamberrywine with her friends. She has a male kind of speech and likes acting gender bender to confuse and tease people around her. She likes to snooze. Usually she has several wake and sleep phases during day and night. Once asleep, not even a horde of marauding trolls can wake her up. Although she has a chummily nature, she doen´t like to be the center of attention. She likes to seek soleness from time to time, traveling her turf for nights just to be back when least expected. She likes to observe things around her and let her mind drift away. This is often the source of inspration, but sometimes the reason of missing something else (like someone speaking to her). She´s helpful, very loving with her friends and would never let them dowm. She´s a good listener and being a child of two cultures, she tends to look at things from various points of view. So she´s often consulted by friends in spite of her young age. Although she lives with Wolf-riders, she doesn´t ride a wolf and has no wolf-friend of her own. She keeps a small tuf-cat-like animal called Fuyu, who´s more a companion than a pet to her.

Notable Talents: She´s a crafting all-rounder. She can do anything that needs dexterous hands, from jewelry or clothes to houshold items. She´s a keen observer of nature and her surroundings and knows her turf very well, which makes her a good scouter. She might not only know where to find special herbs, mushrooms or berries, but knows how to care for them, since her father is a skilled gardener and passed his knowlege down to her.

Greatest Skill: Her artist skill. She knows sign-making very well. She tells stories and captures memories and dreams in her pictures that somehow seem to move and become alive when looking at them (maybe with the help of magic).

Racial Benefits <magic and such>: Soil-shaping magic (similar to rock-shaping). She uses her magic for crafting things like jars and pots or sculptures from clay. She eases the soil around her plants for better growing and changes the shape of her painted signs by manipulating the soils she used to make her paint. She still explores this gift of hers.

Weaknesses: She´s a slob and a little mucky pup. She isn´t good at talking to a crowd and gets nervous in such situations of unshared attention. She´d be a miserable leader and prefers the position of an advisor. She hates eating fish. Sometimes, when daydreaming she forgets about anything else, like what she was doing or where she was going. She´s a lazybones and often trys to avoid hard work and things that don´t seem to be fun. At crafting, she has high expectations of herself and gets depressed if not fulfilling them. Sometimes her two cultural backgrounds get her caught between two stools. Not being understood in some aspects makes her feeling lonely and homeless from time to time.

Weakest Ability/Skill: Her lack of body strengh, which makes her a bad fighter. Although she knows how to use a bow or knife, she´s in a pinch when directly confronted with an enemy stronger than a small deer.


Thanks for the new character! She sounds quite good and I'll have to see if I can think of any good names for her. Though the Soul Name's entirely up to you if you ever decide to give her one.

[Deleted User]

I suppose from my non-canon elves both Moonmoss and Selyah are my self-elves, so I post both here...

Name: Moonmoss

soulname: Meir

Birth-tribe: Wolfriders, possibly Mantricker's or Bearclaw's tribe

Parents: unknown, big sister to Rain the Healer

Age: adult,unknown, deceased long before events in Wolfrider!

Appearance: Frosty whitish-grey mane shaped bit like Tyleet's, part of it braided on the left side with red leather like a cord. Moss-green eyes, whitish eyebrows and heart-shaped face. Beige skin.

Attire: Cold-berry-red cap and short poncho with light olive green trimmings, brown leather "belt" wrapped over torso and similar brown armbands, dark olive green breeches, furry grey boots tied up with brown/green cord. All leather.

Weapons: knife, just dunno where to put it :D
Role: gatherer, herbalist, scout
Skills:plant-lore(plants for dyeing hides, medicinal plants and herbs) bit of tanning-skills and costume design

Personality:Moonmoss is a quiet woman and usually hides her emotions. She loves to wander the forest alone and gathers lots of herbs, mushrooms,nuts and dreamberries for the tribe- as well as occasional rabbit or other small prey. She has deep love for dreamberries, and after eating those, she gets rather mischievous. She has very good sense of humour, though doesn't show it out often.(mostly under the influence of said dreamberries Smile ) She is also very good listener and eobserver of her fellow tribemates' emotions. Sometimes this quality of hers helps solve difficult situations. The way she hids her own emotions might be her weakest point, she should learn to share them more often.

Background: I'm kind of hoping she'd be Redlance's mother...but someone would need to write that story.

Name: Selyah

Birth-tribe: Sun village


Age:about 900 or bit over
Appearance: straight very very long black hair with red highlights, purple eyes and bit roundish face. Very short for a sun villager, petite amongst others. Dark, almost black lips, slightly darker than average sunvillager.

Attire: wears turquoise and saffron yellow(or mustard yellow, whatever) and orange. Usually with skirt and bikini top covered with moth-fabric-shirt. Brown sandals with turquoise decorations.
Jewellry:Gold necklace with turquoise semi-precious stones in it, matching earrings (look for the ref picture, can't explain better) ;D
Weapons:none, utility knife...?
Role: sandshaper, potter
Skills:can shape sand particles also mixed with water- thus she's very good at repairing huts and making stuff like pots out of clay with her magic. Also does some weaving(hats, baskets etc.) and beautiful sand paintings.

Personality:Selyah might seem cold and proud when seen from aside, but after one gets close to her she reveals her warm and friendly side. Some think her as proud stiffy for she is not good at socializing and is passionate about her work and art. She's a perfectionist, which is sometimes a big hindrance for herself and makes her to be snappy and demand lot from others too.

Hobby: During her free time, Selyah always wanders to the desert and makes beautiful sand paintings by sorting out differenty colured stone grains -or sometimes dyeing those. While painting, she lifts the sand-streams into air and the event looks much like multi-coloured sand-storm. Only during these painting sessions does she let all her creativity and passion show.
background: unknown, maybe had/has kids...


I updated the magic-info of my char.

I like your char! We´d make a good team! Her shaping skills inspired me while thinking about how my character makes her paintings move. So I decided to give her that kind of shaping-skills, too. I hope you don´t mind. ^^


Very nice! The both of you! not only is today shaping up to be a good day, my creative juices are flowing now! I'm enjoying the 'not before seen' types of magic, too. The interesting combinations are endless when you look at them right.


name: doesn´t have any, yet
Soul Name <if any>: unknown

You are a cat! The tribe name I would suggest for you: Sandcat, Suncat, Firecat

considering your skills: Symbolmaker

considering your (probable) magic abilities: Dreamcat, Catdream

Your soulname only you can find. Or it will be revealed to you by your recognized mate.

btw: on my screen your eyes show yellow in your profile pic.


Embala said

You are a cat! The tribe name I would suggest for you: Sandcat, Suncat, Firecat

considering your skills: Symbolmaker

considering your (probable) magic abilities: Dreamcat, Catdream

Your soulname only you can find. Or it will be revealed to you by your recognized mate.

Wow, thanks! My cat will be pleased to hear that (I guess he never thought different...) xD
That´s a point to start. Maybe Lynx, since I walk the forest?

[Deleted User]

Dilan Atlialp:
I don't mind at all that your char shares similar magic to Selyah- it's great. And I love the term soil-shaper!
As for name suggestions: Lynx sounds cool indeed. I was going to suggest Dreamberry <grin>, nicknamed Snoozeberry- reflecting bit your char's sleeping habits, bit about the dream visions, the red hair and bit about the "wants to have fun"-part.

Embala: I love Dreamcat for her name suggestion too.


Very well, then it´s decided! I´ll choose Dreamcat as tribename and Lynx as soulname (since it reads like one).
Thank you for helping me and becoming my "godparent"!


A welcome howl for Dreamcat! OOwwwooooOOOwwOOO°°°ooowwwOOwwwooo°°°°°OOOooowwwwwwwOOOoooo!

LYNX is a fitting one! Very soulname Smile


Well, here is my sElf, Im not sure ill do much with her on here, but she's still a big part of me.

Name: Crucent
Soul Name <if any>: Unknown as of now
Age: 3.000
Race: Elf
Gender: Female

Appearance: Crucent is fairly tall, taller then a Wolfrider of today, more on par with Timmain in height. She has light-brown eyes, and so blonde hair it's almost white wich is kept in a bob, apart from the hair on the left of her face wich is in a braid, held together with a thin dark-brown leather chord. She wears a dark-tan top with one shoulderpad on the left shoulder and she has a dark-purple hammered torque around her neck.
Pantswise; she's opted for a pair of lightcoloured tan pair of shorts with a darkened 'bikinipanty'. Both the Top and the shorts have light-grey trimmings of skin on them. apart from that she wears a pair of light and soft but sturdy knee-lenght boots, with dark leather straps adorningthem and she is never without her weapons wich are either a set of metal Claws, or a pair of matching daggers, both attatch onto her hips via a small lace and leather belt.

Personality: Usually cheerful and in a good mood, Crucent loves to have fun or sleep. She is a hunter and a warrior so she can be both very stealthy and brutal if she must. She likes to explore and make others laugh, or at least smile. She doesn't hold grudges, unless she has been severely wronged, then she will find new and exciting ways to annoy the other person till they settle things once and for all. She loves all animals, and can be a bit of a loner at times, but will always have your back in a fight and lend you an ear should you need someone to talk to.

Notable Talents: Tracking and fighting with her weapons. She can easily kill her target from 100 metres by throwing her daggers.

Greatest Skill: yet to be discovered.

Racial Benefits <magic and such>: She has very little magic, she can heal herself, but noone else and she can prolong lifespans a little. Apart from that she has just normal racial abilities like good hearing and sight, these and her aim have been honed to Perfection over time. Can send.

Weaknesses: Stubborn like a pack of mules if she wants to be, can be oddly unsure and insecure of herself, so she doesn't like to argue much. This tends to give her a reputation of not caring what others say or think.

Weakest Ability/Skill: practically anything that involves magic.

Short History <if any>: Crucent is not a High One, she just has their height even tho she is a wolfrider. This is a legacy from her sire who was a High One who mated with a Go Back, and the result was Crucent. She quickly learned that living in the icy cold was not to her liking so she soon left for greener pastures. Some time after coming to the woodlands, she aquired a black male wolf named Fenris and they have been together ever since. She met Clearbrook one day out hunting and allthough she does not live in the Father Tree with the 'normal' Wolfriders, she isn't too far away from them either. She respects Cutter's leadership and will rarely not do as he asks her to.

Relationships of Note: None.



Welcome, Crucent! I have to say, really liking how you made your sElf. And I can definitely see her as a sort-of Wolfrider [still rides a Wolf but isn't part of the pack], especially as a hunter. Maybe I should go do some more polishing on my own sElf.


Brace yourselves. No, really, hold on to your breeches, because this one is a long one!

It's so long, I had to put it in a blog instead! ;D Comments/questions welcomed!
Also, dollmaker fanart is available on my profile.


Redmane said

Welcome, Crucent! I have to say, really liking how you made your sElf. And I can definitely see her as a sort-of Wolfrider [still rides a Wolf but isn't part of the pack], especially as a hunter. Maybe I should go do some more polishing on my own sElf.

thank you, im very pleased with her as well^^ I could have written more but i got lazy lol that just means i can fill in more later Smile


Crucent said

thank you, im very pleased with her as well^^ I could have written more but i got lazy lol that just means i can fill in more later Smile

Not a problem. Creativity isn't rushed, after all. Hell, your sElf made me think of a good idea for mine that I had to edit in. Plus, we can take as long as we please to fully polish and refine the characters. Makes for better stuff that way. And we have a better gathering here when all of them are fully refined. A Holt of originality, if you will. But that's just me rambling [again...].


Redmane said

A Holt of originality, if you will.

-coughcough- I have a thread about that! -coughcough-

Your input would be appreciated, Redmane :D


-coughcough- I have a thread about that! -coughcough-

Your input would be appreciated, Redmane :D

I'll see if I can contribute in the future. But I have noticed it. And this thread's kinda like a Holt in it's own way. At least I like to think so because of the fact we can put our sElves [and non Elf-sElves!] here. Anyhow, off I go to begin my pondering!


I made this today. This time with the cat. =3


I made this today. This time with the cat. =3

Very nice pic. Fits purr-fectly, if you will. [had to be funny] Too busy enjoying how nice it is to be critical or really explain why.

[Deleted User]

Lovely picture, Dreamcat! You should make your own fan art thread and draw much much more- both canon and non-canon characters for our eyes to see with joy!


Okay! I´ll make one with the next piece, since I have some more sketches to finish.


Hey, everyone. Long time, now Howl as it were. Just coming back to add a bit as inspiration struck me in the middle of a slight slump that I was having in the first round of homework for this semester of university. Hope it inspires you all as well.

Name: Greyvine
Soul Name [if any]: Halrath. Motifs are a Timmorn-like hybrid, slight discoloration of the hair/fur, running, and heavy responsibility.
Age: Unknown
Race: Elf
Gender: Male

Appearance: Greyvine is on the tall and slender side for an Elf, not as tall as a Glider or one of the Firstborn but taller than the average Elf. His hair is a short and shaggy dark grey with rusty red color at the tips. His face is a bit sleeker than most others and his eyes are the color of rain. He generally wears brown leather pants and a vest made of leaves and vines. He has a birthmark on his lower right back, a slight discoloration of otherwise light skintone in the shape of a bear's head.

Personality: Much like his father, Greyvine is gentle, understanding, and friendly enough sort of person, even though he prefers the company of his parents and animals more than others of the tribes, Trolls, or Humans. While he dislikes being alone, if he's deeply engrossed in something, he can lose track of time, once spending a week on hunting a group of animals through the grasslands without killing a single one of them, just to challenge himself. He does have a really good memory thanks to his father and a deep appreciation for where Elves came from. While he doesn't wish for his kind to leave the World of Two Moons, he does think of all the different groups of Elves as one big pack, belonging together, even if they are separated by massive distances. He does try to be responsible and perform his duty to the tribe while feeling separated due to his magic, feeling like he doesn't know what he really is; Elf or animal.

Notable Talents: His notable talent lies in his knowledge of animals, including their habits and habitats, and geography [primarily sense of direction and remembering where things are/were].

Greatest Skill: His greatest skill lies in hunting and tracking pretty much anything that he can sense or notice markings/signs of. While this is hindered by certain kinds of intense weather and time passing, if he can find a suitable sign or perceive it, he can find it. These skills are followed a bit by general knowledge of anatomy that he uses to make use of whatever he needs to find, kill, or emulate with his magic.

Racial Benefits [magic and such]: Greyvine, as an Elf, is quite agile, quick, and capable of Sending but is also stronger than he looks. This is primarily because of his particular magic: animal shapeshifting. While the High Ones and a few of the Firstborn were able to change shape into anything, Greyvine is strictly limited to anything of the animal world. His particular favorite shape is a large, grey bear, just a bit larger in proportions than his father's bond-bear, Blackthorn. While he is capable of changing into other animals, it takes a bit of practice if he hasn't done so before and leaves him feeling rather 'stuck' in the form, even if he can change back. The main issue with his magic is that he can get a bit too into his animal form's psychology and has to tread the line of not falling prey to instinct or coming out of his assumed form at the wrong moment.

Weaknesses: Greyvine's primary weakness is that if he stays in one form for too long [time depends on shape assumed and if he uses Sending in this shape], he risks losing himself a bit at a time. The instinct of the animal can leave a lasting impression, such as paranoia from a prey type animal or the urge to hurt something from a predator.

Weakest Ability/Skill: His weakest skill is skinning animals. As he is used to hunting them or making use of any resulting parts, the actual disassembling is a hard skill for him to pick up. It makes him physically ill at the thought of dissembling an animal, even though he needs to honor it somehow, as he has hurt and been hurt in multiple forms, acutely knowing what it would be like.

Short History [if any]: Unknown as of yet.

Relationships of Note:

Redmane: As the son of Redmane, one of the Firstborn, it was expected Greyvine would be capable of using weather-shaping type magic like him. However, he proved that his talents lay elsewhere, primarily in tracking and in actually changing into animals to hunt and scout. His father is far from disappointed about this, instead thinking it good that his son is different from him in that aspect, but still hopes that Greyvine will prove to be a good lorekeeper in his own way.

More to come.

Other: Unknown as of yet. Based partly off of Redmane's use in Oakleaf Holt.


Ayooooah, Redmane! Welcome back :)


Thanks, Embala. Still a bit sad to see no one else has taken advantage of this in a long time but not everyone's into it and inspiration can be funny like that.


*hugs* It's not so much that no one else has taken advantige of this in special, Redmane. It was very quiet on the Scroll in general for a long time and the "active" members here were just a handful or two. ;)

And inspiration IS funny ... I still don't know enough about "Embala" to put it in words. she's not even an elf ... ^^


Ah well. At least it's still around. Which is good. But if you want to find out more about her, I find it helpful to just sit down with what you do know, start writing or typing according to a design that you can make sense of, and see how it goes. Or just get it down and save it until you find out something more. Just how I do it, though. Might be all the time I spent roleplaying, hence the way I set up the bio thing here.


I wouldn't have found this on my own...


Name: Night
Soul Name: Anuom
Age: a lot older than the years she counts
Gender: female

Appearance: dark skin, long dreads with purple ends, purple eyes, a little smaller than most elves

Personality: introvert, interested in any other elf but not quick to share a lot about herself, intuitive

Notable Talents: can control time to some extend, not violent when not necessary

Greatest Skill: understands and can speak any language automatically

Weaknesses: stubborn, introvert, very violent when pushed

Short History: When she was born she was a happy little one, always laughing and playing, with big brown eyes and dark curly hair. All this changed overnight. Her eyes and hair, hair that was not that long at that time, turned purple.
She somehow seemed older. Her eyes looked like she had lived more years than they knew she had. Because they were afraid she would die from this they gave her a sphere that would protect her. When it turned purple two the next night they realized she wasn't in danger, she had received a gift. A gift that would take their child away faster than they expected.
Years later she turns more and more restless. She stays at the beach longer and longer sitting on a branch. Instead of being with her family she'd be staring over the sea hearing a call that only she hears.
A ship comes, animals are trapped and Night gets on the ship knowing it would sale to the other side of the sea. The side with the answers...


Seems like a good start. Kinda wonder what she'll be like with some more detail and polish but at least you've gotten going showing us yoursElf and we're grateful.


just putting this out there, if you guys ever need help with creating how an elf looks, i made some very nice detailed description generators, though i'm sure there's always room for improvement!



I think this did not have much in the way of posting is b/c folks join Holts instead. Perhaps seeing this inspired them in that sense, thought they forgot to share here as well. ^_^

My Elf self is split between two Holts at the moment. So she would be difficult to post. They both represent different times in my life. Plus there are the others that are just simple my creation come to life and a general joy to role play out.


Thanks @Redmane, I'm just not much of a writer. Drawing is more my thing but I've been lacking time and inspiration.


Well, drawing can be a good way to represent the character too but time and inspiration are big too. I know I can't write without the right mood.


Name: I haven't found my tribename yet, still pondering on that one. Hahah.
Soul Name [if any]: Nuei (rhymes with 'due way')
Age: Young adult (similarly aged as Cutter and Skywise were when original quest began)
Race: Elf
Gender: Male


Of average height, with a little extra cushioning.

Personality: Soft spoken and extremely shy around strangers, he has a tendency to quietly observe others as they interact, rather than participate himself. When in the company of those he's known a decent time-frame, he's more apt to be a bit more vocal and forward. Outlook is upbeat, more often than not. Well-known by close family as always looking for the 'silver-lining' even in bad situations. Makes friends easily(when exposed to others often enough), but very slow to open up and trust.

Typically gentle and sweet. Steadfastly loyal and there's nothing he wouldn't do to protect those he loves, quick to anger and quick to defend on behalf of loved ones. Laid back to a fault when it comes to defending himself. Very nervous and uncomfortable among infants and young children, despite his nurturing nature. And much to his displeasure, children seem to be somewhat drawn to him.

Constantly worried about his worth/contributions to the tribe, he often mentally 'dooms himself to mediocrity.' Though he frets over this much, he seems more content to simply worry about it than actually make a commitment to change things. Torn between opposing desires to be by himself, and yet not alone. Goes through alternating bouts of both self-isolation and heightened interaction with others.

Loves to collect things. Be it feathers, stones, beads, antlers(a favorite), or a mish-mash assortment of stealthily pilfered human trinkets, you can be assured he's got a little pile set away somewhere.

Notable Talents: Good with his hands(not in -that- way, XD). Very good at making sweets. Loves making jewelry and painting/drawing, has passable skill though he certainly isn't the best. Diplomatically minded. Fairly good with most animals. Can whistle very well(and enjoys doing so, much to his tribes-mates' frequent ire). Can always find direction while outside. Very tolerant to the cold.

Greatest Skill: A toss up between his baking skills and his art skills.

Racial Benefits [magic and such]: Very weak plant-shaping magic(can make stubborn seeds germinate, but can't actively change mature plants), and ability to float small objects(less than a pound in weight).

Weaknesses: Can't handle the heat. Nervous and shy, often to the point of mild anxiety. Lack of motivation and/or dedication. Extremely self-conscious.

Weakest Ability/Skill: Communication with and trusting others.

~~I apologize for this being uh, probably not very interesting? I'm not much of a writer, and I'm even less of a character builder(or is this simply of lack of finding the right way with words? I certainly don't know). But I wanted to see about filling this out to get a better grasp on him).


I like him!!


Nuei sounds like a slightly ambivalent, interesting character character to me.

I love the se your elf face by face. The artwork is great.. Elfy features, smooth shaded skin, silky hair and bright eyes. The color choice and highlighting of the hair are eye-catching. Head- and neckpiece go well with his character description and complement his appearance.

Welcome to the Forum, SorrowHighOne! :) Enjoy and have fun.


It's all good if you're not much of a writer. I wasn't when I began RPing around ten years ago. Now, I may not be the best but I have worked on it and my language skills have picked up considerably. Almost to the point where I might just get an English degree instead of History.

That aside, the character is good and introduces who he is enough that I can sorta see him. But yeah, you can always come back and polish or use him as a reference when dancing in the world of Two Moons. High Ones know, we could always use a new member of the tribe or a new way of knowing older faces [Greyvine is just another side of me after some inspiration wormed its way into my head while Redmane's most of my basics from back in the day, for instance].



Should I add a new section to the basic design to describe the basics for what's seen by someone who Recognizes the Elf in question or uses the Soulname [if had]? Or would that be more appropriate as a subsection of the Soulname itself? Either way, it is likely to be optional but it is something worth considering.



Will add a subsection based around motifs that's entirely optional. Ruins potential creativity if I ask people to do a full on thing but if they do a few simple guidelines, everyone has an easier time. Now, this does not mean anyone needs to update unless they want to but helps flesh the character out a bit more fully if you have an idea of what your Elf-self's "soul form" is. Kinda can't hide from yourself.