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Wolfrider's EQ Fanart thread...again


Starting up my fanart thread again. I started it up back in '04 and stopped posting on it in 2007 I think, for various life-gets-in-the-way reasons. I decided to start a new thread instead of continuing the old one, mainly to start again fresh. So...



Mother of Memory



Elfquest Book 3




WOW ... Hypnotize ... where to begin?

Harmonic Wendy-inspired character "collage" - works well as a cover or teaser picture. I love how the colors and characters flow into each other and merge ...
- Skywise's hair becomes a wolf - Timmain, I guess
- Cutter's mane turns into the sunlit desert sky
- and Winnowill's tresses do not only reflect the light of the Palace but transform into Leetah's scarf.

Amazing young Leetah - flirting and teasing. You pictured her features and expression perfectly. I love the contrast of her velvet dark skin and the shinyness of her jewelry and the green eyes!

Gorgeous take on Savah. For me it looks like you vere exploring light and shadow in the picture of the lightshaper.
The warm, colored light of the "tiffany" glass wheel.
The amazing metallic shinyness of the golden crown.
The soft diffuse reflections of the glass (?) mobile.
Her sheer gown shows all shades from light-bathed bright green to fading shadows. Within all this light Savah's dark beauty like an ikon. Outstanding.

Another cover/teaser "collage" that is arousing curiosity. Winnowill turned out awesome - pale and beautiful. I can almost feel the clouldy softness of her feather collar. Excellent body language and expression for Cutter. The young chief can hardly controll himself. Leetah is looks appropriately concerned.
I like the contrast of Winnowill and Cutter: poisoned tearing steel under velvet and silk the one, honest and obvious rage the other.

Seeing the three chieftesses together is an unexpected treat. Great poses and expressions - wonderfully captured on paper in lineart and warm coloring. You captured their beauty and spirits.
Skyfire - relaxed and soft looking, yet holding tight to her spear, framed by firey locks with her wolf for the "wild side".
Rahnee - experianced and battle-tested, the wild heritage showing in her eyes. The hair looks fab!
Ember - very young, vulnerable and still innocent. Her firehead matches the chiefslock of her ancient role model.
Goodtree - the treeshaper entwined with nature, in as beautiful as tasteful nudity.

Nightfall is pure eye candy! Hypnotize Her beauty is suited to make me breathless. Soulful eyes, alluring lips and delicate skin. I admire the highlighted looks and the shiny golden jewelry. Fantastic work on the details and coloring of the peacook feather.
The background is perfect for Automn leafs ... and it brings in all of Nightfall's colors. Thoughtful composition!


Thanks, Embala!

Here's more:

I have been working (slowly..) on a series of portraits of the original Wolfriders, somewhat inspired by Wendy's back cover portraits from the WaRP original issues #1-20. Here's the first:

Cutter (Wolfrider Portrait 1)

This one I did for Foxeye:


Oldie but a goodie (wish it was larger):

Why Worry

[Deleted User]

Wolfrider, these are so beautiful! You capture expressions well and each picture seems to be full of emotion and/or energy, depending of the theme in question. I hope we see much more art from you. Thank you for posting these, you also tickle my long-hibernating EQ drawing instincts, seeing these makes me want to try and draw something too...

My absolute favourite is the portrait of Nightfall, it really captures her spirit.


Intense looking young chieftain! You've captured Cutter perfectly, Wolfrider. Bright blue appealing eyes, soft hair in just the right hue ... self-confident but with a certain innoscence. Nice contrast between the shiny glden necklace and thefurry vest.
I like how you've arranged tthe green ie foreground and the forest background.

Lovely Crescent - I like her silken skin and the chosen colors. Nice use of a leafy "tapestry" as background and the crescent moon in her name.

Dreamy mood and expression in the Leetah picture. Her red locks and the mantle are framing her velvet skin nicely and make a good contrast against the darkness of the Forbidden Grove amidst the "little star cousins".


and here's more..

Sweet Dreams


Winnowill Photoshop

[Deleted User]

Beautiful new pictures, Wolfrider! I love how the picture of Leetah with her cubs is full of love and content, with her smiling so serenely in the warm hut. And wham, next we get the lone figure of Winnowill in almost bare room, looking slightly lost..these pictures are beauties by themselves, but the way you portrayed them one after another makes each look even better. Great contrast.
Also the colour-filled world of Leetah/cubs-picture changes into almost bw picture- only some blues and accent red for Winnowill- perfect choice! And that statue, brrr...

I hope to see much more art from you! Smile


Leetah cradling the twins for a midnight nap is such a peaceful sight. This slight smile, content and dedicated - very much like Rainsong in the comics. for some reason I like Ember most ... maybe because she's just a little, innocent, tired girl here - not the young chief-to-be.
Warm colors glowing in gold and red for a heartwarming scene.

Cold. Cold light. Cold colors. Cold athmosphere - the walls of BM are chilly and Winnowill will need her covering clothing. Cold soul and heart - something has died in Winnowill.
The bottle with the red fluid - an essence of life enclosed? - makes me think that it's the moment of Aurek becoming Egg ... and winnowill is uo to giving him this potion and sealing his living death state.

A perfect portrait of the Lady of Blue Mountain. Delicate features, light almost powdery colors - but cold instead of lovely. Amazing hypnotic eyes! Hypnotize


Why not filling this thread more? Wink


Embala said

Why not filling this thread more? Wink

Until relatively recently, I've been real busy and off doing all kinds of other things. Sorry.

So here you go. I already put this Timmain pic in a blog post on this site, and here's a new Dewshine portrait that goes along with the Wolfriders portraits I've done so far of Nightfall, Cutter and Skywise. Both are in my elfquestfanart.com gallery (where I am also known as simply Wolfrider.
Sorry if these are really big...

Mother of the Wolfriders

Wolfrider Dewshine


Beautiful drawings, I really loved the "Chieftess" one! So cool to see all of them together :D


Until relatively recently, I've been real busy and off doing all kinds of other things. Sorry.
I am sorry, Wolfrider! Havn't meant you should be busier doing more artwork - so glad you find time for new pretties at all! What I wanted to say is that you have a thread to fill instead of only loading your art in the gallery. Yup, I cling to threads very much Wink

And I see you've brought new awesomeness! Timmain's portrait is fascinating ... her features and her mysterious eyes prove her alieness much more than the pointed ears. Surrounded by her wolf brethren she is both part of the WoTMs and a complete stranger to it - amazed, afraid and daring.
Her pale, delicately shaded skin and white hair shine in the night in a blueish light, sleek and cold. Her wolfin mate stands for warmth, protection ... and danger. His fur looks so thick and soft and it's great how his eyes match Timmain's. The glowing eyes on the left mimic the moons and show that there is more in the darkness while the holing wolf on the right balances the composition and adds to the mood.

Dewshine is so charming and elfy! I love that she is pictured as her innocent, cheerful adosecent self. Smooth skin, soft curly hair and fluffy feathers - you've worked out the different structures and surfaces beautifully. Her bright eyes are a true eye catcher!


These are all so pretty! I don't know what to compliment first! I hope to see more!


I also hope to see more! Your art is beautiful! Glad that I discovered this!


Thanks. More to come soon...


This is something I was working on for the 2014 Dreamscapes fan art calendar, but couldn't get it done in time because of class and other things. Here it is, finally finished.

Probably should have made the sky in his dream night instead of day, but oh well, whatever.

Skywise's Dream
Skywise's Dream


It's a dream sky - it could have any color and light! ^^ And it works so well with Skywise's colors the way it is.

Kudos for idea and realization, Wolfrider!


I agree with you Embala! It is a dream and I love your work!