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Veritas (A Self-Elf Post -Apoc Holt)


-- This Word Means: "Truth"

Imagine for a moment, that we're not following Timmain's High Ones.

Image we follow,a host of other High ones, their names may have been Larlo,Cinma, Nasri,Zalte, Kasle Tasly,Tusre... and many many more as their ship finds a small world.

Lets just imagine that this world is Earth, our Earth.
Let's imagine that the ship doesn't crash but lands gently.

These Ancient ones, leave their ship safelty and commune with the inhabitants of their new world.

Fast Foreward.

In the mind of school children, teachers, businessmen, house moms & dads, college students professors, Doctors in their opperating rooms...


Almost to a one those that hear the voices stop what they are doing.
By night fall, crowds of people moving in unison towards this silent call.

The Mountains of several countries shine with a multicolored aurora. (Several smaller 'palaces' were used to house the returning.)

The date was the eve of December 21, 2012.

Just before Dawn, the ships wink out of existance.
The Stars await. The Great Palace, now holds thousands of people, different languages, cultures and customs.

Again the unknown voice brushe their minds:

**We are Safe. We Will Survive. We will Thrive.**

The ship settles on a distant planet, far from Earth, far from Abode-the World of Two Moons.

In this sky, hangs tripple moons.

"Veritas." A voice whispers quietly.

But what happens when hundreds of people, must now learn to think, a new?
What happens hen Elfquest, suddenly becomes very real?
What happens when a child(or adults) 's stories of elves, and their powers suddenly becomes your own story?

What happens when dormant blood begins to race?
What happens when you must learn to live in a way your modern life has never accustomed you to live?

Essentially this a self-elf Holt, but set up so that anyone who chooses may play:
- A 'High One/Ancient One' (a.k.a Those Who Have Gone Before, The Precusors)
-An EQ-style Elf (Perhaps some of the Ancient Ones really did, take Timmain's Path with all manner of Animals, but lived much closer to the Palaces)
-A 'human' turned Elf (One of the Modern 'humans' who's elf blood runs dormant, until Dec. 21st- though perhaps they've always had small magics.)


No one?


Hello! Do you have a separate website fo this holt, or is it an EQ group?


Hello! Do you have a separate website fo this holt, or is it an EQ group?

I was going to put together
a seprate site for it but i wanted to see if there was sufficient interest first before that. but it will be a seperate site & EQ group if people want it.

Esentially I'd do both, allowing for those of us to enjoy the EQ group & the jcink forums ,


So anyone interested? Or willing to help me take this on?


I'm not a roleplayer at all. Never been.

And my time is much too limited to even consider a try. Unhappy


I would be glad to do both and give it a try. I have no problem with either. Smile

Heartsong: *wavies* I like hugs?!

He's coming and a few others.


Lets make it happen.


I thinnk our focus needs to be first and foremost:

The New Elves - All are technically elves who believed themselves human. They may have the full range of Human skintones and shapes and sizes. (Magical Talents are something they may come by later, but all are Moderate/Strong Senders)

Veritas Elves- Both Elf-Blooded Animals(Born as Animals these 'elves' are can shapechange into an 'elven form'.

-Elves- These Elves have lived in various envions and trade with each other, though each group is a product of their home.
* Agricultural
* Hunter-Gatherer
*Roaming Elves.