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Pirn, ghostly father of Darshek


With the cues and hints Embala and I gathered in the Shadowcrest thread, I feel reasonably safe to assume, until the Pinis say otherwise, that the ghostly elf on the left is PIRN, Darshek's father - and the one who presumably left him his trademark headband. Moving, when you consider that...

Longfin said
"Darshek barely knew his father, Pirn." (Longfin to Krill)


Salt said
"Pirn will be happy to see the grown up son he last saw as a newborn pip." (Salt to Longfin)

... which is like saying he only knows his father through the tales he's heard, his headband, and if you'll forgive the Pixar pun, his "spirit of adventure" (at least I like to think it came from Pirn. Although Longfin *was* pretty brave, when pushed by Krill... but Darshek is such a free spirit, bold and daring, it must come from somewhere!)

So Pirn must have died when Darshek was a little baby, some time during the 9000 years of the Disappearance. We know that he wasn't killed by humans, because Coral (and Haze and Farbright shortly thereafter) were "the first" WaveDancers slained by mankind. And it was not from illness, either - since Skimmer was a pretty formidable healer who knew only one failure (that would be the Broken One).

But between bellyrippers, daggerteeth and goodness knows what other sea-predators roam the waters of Above, there are many ways he could have met his death. Poor Pirn Unhappy

I wonder if he was lifemated to Longfin alone, or if he, Longfin and Shadowcrest were part of a threemating? Personally I'm all for the thought that they were a threesome. Why, otherwise, a dying Darshek would see the ghost not just of his father, but of Shadowcrest?*

(Of course, given Pirn died when he was so little, he could have been raised by Shadowcrest and Longfin... but to me, something in the way they're reaching toward Darshek suggests a deeper closeness...)

* Of course, he sees Stormsong, Drift and Fairshell too. But the ones we see through his eyes, clearer than all the others (who are only named) are "his mother's lifemates" and I like to think it's not a coincidence Happy


Besides some sea creature causing his death ... Pirn might have suffered a lethal accident.

Without your efforts I'd have forgotten that we saw Pirn and Shadowcrest at all, Christina. I wonder whether we might get some more flashbacks and puzzle parts during TFQ.


One is glad to be of service Smile

When Discovery came out, I was in the hope that we'd get to see a splash page with the spirits of the "beloved dead" in the Palace, visiting their relatives. Spine's question to Skywise at least implies that they must have tried to get in contact with their lost loved ones - and it was kinda remarked when Snakeskin is visited by his parents at the very end. A flashback or two in this direction would be much appreciated ^_^