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How do I join a online holt?


How do I join a holt online? How do your rp in them? Are their any wolfriders in them?


It's probably a good time for someone to do a good bit of research into active holts, which we can then all put in a "sticky" in this category.


Most of the Holts I've been in are based on discussion forums. That means you have to register/sign up for an account. Once you've been approved, you can ask the Holt leaders about what to do next.

Once you've made or adopted a character (sometimes both options are available, sometimes just one), you roleplay by posting on the forum, like you're posting here. In some Holts, each location is a different topic, in others everything is in one topic.

And yes, there are wolfriders in some Holts - but I don't know which of them are still active.


Rob said: It's probably a good time for someone to do a good bit of research into active holts, which we can then all put in a "sticky" in this category.

Maybe Eregyrn's thread can be reactivated or will give a good start:


Thank you all I'll have a look to join one. Anyone to take me on as a member of their tribe? Can we start one here?


Plugging Oakleaf. :) We're just oakleafholt.boards.net. We're not technically open right now, but after our current plot ends, we'll have a handful of Wolfrider spots and Go-Back spots for new players...y'all will know when we're open. :D But for now, you're free to create an account and read along, investigate the many threads we have about how our game works.


Ive just gone on the oakleaf holt, their not looking for new charectors for a few months ahh so your tam on here too lol! hi!


That's me. ;) Feel free to message me on here if you have any questions. :)


Hi! I'm the 'manager' of Survivors of a Lost Holt and we're always looking for new members, in case you're interested :) We play post-by-post via e-mail.

Our website had a little mishap (aka host server crashing) so it is currently under reconstruction, but most of the info there is up to date (i.e. adoptable characters, how to join, how we role-play, etc.) We're also a fairly slow-paced Holt, suitable for people with busy away-from-keyboard lives, just for your information :)


Hello @Sofia I like your name. I'll have a look at your holt... does it matter which characters?

That's a good idea that your at slow pace then people can catch up. Mainly me with slow catching up heheh...


@Rae_treeshaper - thank you, I like your name too :)

By "does it matter which character", what exactly do you mean? Are you asking about adoptable characters or characters that are allowed in the Holt?

The Holt has a thread here on the forum too (here) which I'm slowly updating. The links are a little clitchy right now, I don't know why, as is the text layout, but I hope the information is still good :)




Yeah, I usually try to update this regularly -- at least once per year. So yeah, it's definitely time to update it again.

Anyone with info about a new holt to be added can always message me and I'd update the list right away with it. (That is, such additions or corrections don't need to wait for a certain update window.)

I'm also quite happy to include groups that are hosted here at EQ.com, if there are any? As long as you provide a link to a forum thread or some other link so that someone looking at the list can find out how to investigate the group.


Is there something being done to Great Oak Holt? I can't seem to log in.


Never mind, I fixed myself.