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Coral, fallen WaveDancer chieftess


It's just occurred to me that we don't have a thread for Surge's mother at all O_O

I know that she's just a minor character, but I've always been intrigued by Coral. It's so cool to have another female leader besides Savah and Kahvi (and Hassbet if we want to get technical) - and the fact that she took her people across the oceans all the way to Crest Point seems to indicate what a strong and resourceful guide she was for her people.

According to my calculations, Coral could have been born around the same time as Rayek and/or Leetah, and she lived for near all of the time the Palace was away, finding her death only in the last five/four centuries of the Disappearance. She was the very first WaveDancer killed by humans spears - to protect her tribe, I like to think.

I also wonder who she Recognized... the other night I had a dream where some never-published WD background stuff got published an it turned out that Surge's father was the "third healer". Poor guy, he can be just about anyone we can think of - Surge's father, Stormsong... I guess what prompted the association was that chiefs usually take healers for mates, but I can't imagine it has much basis - Surge's own lifemate was a healer, how much of a coincidence it would be if his father also was one? Besides he always compares Snakeskin's powers to his mother - if he had been the healer's son, I think he would have said something on the lines that Snakeskin's magic was so strong because he had inherited it from his mother as well as from his grand-sire.

Personally, I'm voting for either the guy with facial fins and sideburns (scroll down, he's tenth in the list) or the watershaper from the teaser (third in "early art" - thanks to Embala for giving me the idea! :D)