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Looking for a new holt.


It has been a while for me since I've been in one.  So thus, I'd like to join one. Maybe soak in something new in the process.  Think anyone would let me in their holt or something like that?


I help run Oakleaf Holt, but, sadly, we are not quite open yet. However, you are free to join and check us out, see how we do things. We plan to reopen in a couple months, when we have more spaces for new characters (we only have one space open for a male Wavedancer, if you just so happen to be interested).

I suggest also checking out the other posts in the Holts section to the right; the Holts Status thread is super helpful in pointing people to active places. :)


Wavedancer? It's those mermen elves right? Sounds intriguing. I'll have to brush up on my lore on them then.


@Stepith_Bloodia the best place to get that lore is from The Discovery.  It's not the first appearance of the Wavedancers, but it's the first by Wendy and Richard.  

Here's some old teaser art by Steve Blevins.

Wavedances Preview Jink 9


a new one ive started off looking for members http://greatoakholt.forummotion.com/ either that or would recommend tams.


@Stephith_Bloodia Yep! If you read The Discovery and decide you're interested, come on over. We have a whole thread dedicated to developing our Wavedancers further...they're kind of a mix of canon and Original Wavedancers...we needed more cultural points to go off of.


I am a bit intrigued as I'm reading further into the Discovery as we speak. Think there's one spot still open?


It's still open, yes. :)


If you're looking to join more than one Holt (don't want to try to 'steal you away' from Oakleaf or anything), I run an e-mail group based Elfquest RPG called Survivors of a Lost Holt. We're always open to new members and we have a thread here on the forum with some quick info about us.


Oh, don't worry about that, @Sofia. :) Totally happy to spread the holt love.


So much to think about. Yet so much potential to improve my writing


Wow, nice. I haven't been in holts for years, not that I'd join mind you. RL takes up too much of my time already. The artside would be interesting though, but I've been told that I draw too many chars with pointy ears already.

Go figure XD