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Firepetal Sculpture


Firepetal was a sculpture that I created for a modeling for animation class. She was the third and final assignment of the class.


































This was only my third attempt at sculpture.


SQUEE!!! Itsa Preserver!!!!!

I love it!! I think it's brilliantly beautiful! And so detailed!! Wonderful!!!!




@MrsGrizzley I was hoping you would approve.




I then created a 3D model of her for a short film...Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 1.47.39 AM
Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 1.48.02 AM
Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 1.48.42 AM



I love Firepetal!!!!!!!


Both are fantastic. Awesome job.


YEAH More making-of!

It's fascinating to watch how Firepetal comes to life. This head and face ... expressive and otherworldly. Delicate hands and feet perfectly done. The harmonic body, caught in dance.
The coloring adds the fire - and the wings the "petal" :D Wonderfully done ... functional and dreamy. Are the wings sculpted as well?

The big green eyes are very Preserver - alien for sure. I still cannot see a "pure" Preserver in it, more like a hybrid. The ears and hair are more elf like as are the well defined abs. A unique Preserver!

Fantastic job with the 3D model. Only nitpick are the human eyes.

These are gorgeous works, Mkal! *bows* drawing, sculpting and additional 3D art - you are very talented and multifaceted.


@Embala with the 3D model, I had limited time to work on her eyes, but I did have them glow'

Yes, she is Preserver-like. The wings were not sculpted, they were made with vellum paper. They are actually translucent.

Firpetal is an imp that is part of a story of my own creation. They are more evolved than the Preservers we know and love. They have a psychic bond with their 'owners' and have some small amounts of plant shaping magic.


Translucent wings - even better! Loved to learn a bit about Firepetal's background :D


Well, to get that, you need to know some back story about the world of which she comes from.

Time upon a once there was a world called Sysia ( pronounced 'Sigh-see-ah'). The inhabitants of the world had settled on it many eons before. Over the countless years, it was becoming clear that the planetary system was about to die. The Sysians created great ships and escaped the Sysian system right before the sun expanded and their world exploded.

The quest for a new world ended when they came across a lifeless planet with three moons. The moons were habitable, but they chose the furthest moon for it was lush and tranquil. They named it Vensysia out of respect of their lost homeworld.

As they colonized the moon, they noticed a spectacular life form that was indigenous to the world. Small, humanoid-like beings with wings populated the various areas of the moons. These little imps seemed to be the caretakers of the worlds. They would flit and fly about caressing the flora and fauna to health, while easing the passing of the dying. While very skittish, these imps were also very inquisitive. While the colonists were settling the world, the imps began to gravitate to them and special bonds were forged with imps and colonists. Their bonds were on a psychic level. The imps shared the joys and pains of their masters and mistresses and appeared to share the immortality of the new colonists. By living close to the colonists, the imps had developed a limited speech by picking up pieces of their language.

It was because of this special bond that there was minimal damage done to the world.

Now, about Firepetal.

Firepetal used to live with her clutch on the beaches where the city of Ilanias was being built. She used to watch a young O'tar girl walk with a man along the coast. She could sense the intense love that these two had for each other. As time passed, she noticed that their walks would sometimes include a woman and twin O'tar boys with shocking white hair. Sometimes only one of the boys would be with them, but the imp could always count on seeing the man and the little girl walking along the coast on almost a daily basis. This little ritual of Firepetal's went on for years. A few times the girl caught a glimpse of the imp watching them and would smile. Firepetal would always smile back and chirp an excited and happy sound.

Then they stopped showing up. Days had passed without their usual visit. Firepetal was uncertain as to why they stopped coming and her clutch was a little more than concerned over her fixation over it. They implored her to forget the strange beings and to go about her normal tasks, but Firepetal had invested too much time to just forget about them. Each day she flew down to the shore and would wait. Her determination was rewarded as she spied on the girl, who was now more a young woman, sitting alone and looking out to the great water.

Something was different this time. The man was not there with her and the girl was not smiling. As her curiosity grew, Firepetal flew in closer and could hear the sobbing, but more than that, she could feel the immense sense of loss from the girl. As Firepetal got closer, a name crept into her mind. A slight whine escaped her and the woman looked up and saw the imp watching her with such a look of pity and understanding.

"Why O'lana cry?" the imp chirped in a broken voice. O'lana looked at the imp in wonder.

"You know me?" she asked. O'lana had read about the imps impressing and bonding with Vensysians and O'tar, but she had never expected one to impress on her. The imp drew herself closer as her wings shimmered, bright as flame, in the sunlight as she nodded

"Firepetal know O'lana for much time!" she said with a hint of pride. O'lana chuckled softly through her tears over the imp's limited vocabulary. "Why O'lana not smile like always did?" she asked as she looked around "Where is other that make O'lana smile?" O'lana looked down at the sand and started to sob some more.

"My father?" she asked. Firepetal looked puzzled over that word.

"Fahh-thuuur?", she drew out the word and could see the image of the man that would walk with O'lana. O'lana nodded. "Where is fahh-thuuur?"

"Father is gone." came O'lana's short reply. Firepetal rested herself on O'lana's shoulder and stroked her tapered ear and made a low sound that was close to a purr.

"When does fahh-thuuur not be gone?" she asked. O'lana looked closely at the imp and held out her hand for her to jump into. The imp looked so beautiful. The name Firepetal suited her. Her body was red like crimson and while her wings looked like they would burn to the touch, they were soft and supple. Firepetal cooed as O'lana stroked her wings.

"Father has died." she said softly with both her voice and mind. Firepetal gave her another curious look. O'lana used her mind to try to explain it to her. She decided to use the image of a fish that has been washed ashore, unable to return to the safety of the sea. Slowly, Firepetal began to nod solemnly.

"Firepetal not like 'died'." she concluded. "Makes her O'lana not smile. Firepetal not like when her O'lana not smile. Firepetal keep O'lana smile?" O'lana felt touched over the protectiveness of this small creature. Just from those words, O'lana knew that this little imp would never leave her side. O'lana looked around the coastline.

"What of your own family, dear one?"

"Fam-ah-lee?" the imp asked.

"Those like you. Your family." O'lana stated. Firepetal seemed to scoff.

"Clutch no mean special to Firepetal! O'lana all fam-ah-lee Firepetal need." Then she looked hard into O'lana's eyes. "Firepetal never be gone for her O'lana." she added with a determined look on her exquisite face.

"I believe you, dear one." O'lana choked back the emotions that the imp's words caused. She stood up and started walking back down the coast towards her home. She absentmindedly began to stroke the imp's wings while she walked.



I love Firepetal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*loud squee and a huge glomp* I love the story. I love the concept that mirrors soooo closely to ElfQuest and yet is different... *hugs Firepetal and O'lana* I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Screen shot 2014-03-18 at 5.40.38 PM


this is an old sketch of her. I will create a new one shortly


Love the story of Firepetal - especially as it is told from her POV most of the time. It illustrates how different this species is ... and how caring firepetal is.

I like O'lana's soft and delicate elfy look.


The imps of the world are very protective over the life on it. It just so happens that they can become mentally linked with the new colonists.

It is kind of like a wolf-friend, but the imps are pulled to the person and it is usually when they are in need.