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Fan Comic - High-Attitude Flight


I´ve always been playing with the idea to draw an actual comic story, but the sheer extend of such a project used to sorta scare me off. But after doing some exercises, I finally kicked my butt to work. The first pages are inked now and I´d like to share them with you.
This is my very first attempt on an actual comic story, so honest feedback of any kind is very welcome. I´m a total noob at scripting and don´t wanna mess with any canon characters, so I chose to go with characters (from Oakleaf Holt) I´m pretty familiar with (many thanks and kisses to @Tehaar for letting me use her awesome char). I plan to either color or screentone the thing later on, so I left stuff like skies and such out for now. I will add any new pages to this post later on.














I love the characters and I would like to read more so I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. I won't be able to comment on the scripting seen as I really suck at it.
Anyways, I like it a lot.


And another thing, I immediately fall in love with every male character you make.


Wow. Just wow :O This is awesome! I can't wait to see more! You are so talented! I've been silently stalking your fan-art thread for a while and am always very impressed :OOOO


I am going to have to start going the fan-art thread....finding time ....hah-I will make time!!!

This has me intrigued and the art is gorgeous, simple lines and yet I still get a sense of detail. Does that make sense?


Thank you so much! I´m really putting my all in this first comic. The next page is about half done. I expect it to end up around 18-20 pages.


Holy crap, this is awesome.


Third page is up. ^^




I really like this next page! :D


Thank you!
@WolfCandy, can you tell what it is that you like about it? Maybe something I can take care to keep up at following pages?
Any certain praise and criticism helps a lot. ^^


I for one love the fact that there is so much movement.


It's realistic and believable, and it is nice to see so many different angles and perspectives :)


I like everything @WolfCandy said, AND I love how you use the "outside" space on the page to have the characters grabbing onto the margins and popping out of the boxes.

And the characters are just so well-drawn.

(I know I just popped into this thread for the first time after also silently lurking but I had to throw my two cents in!)




There you are, @Thornbrake. :P
Page 4 is up now.

Thanks for all your feedback. I will try to keep up the things you mentioned so far. ^^


I love it :) cant wait to see what happens next. Foxtrail looks like he's about to explode ;)




fight fight fight!!! (I feel like I'm in high school)!


Okay, this is why feedback is good. I see how you are expeciting escalation after the tension built at the end of the page, but there´s actually a scene cut in my script, so I edited the end to kind of fade out. (Sorry to those who anticipated a rumble. Maybe next time. ;) )


Very nice work! And all nice and swell. I already gave more specific comments at Oakleaf, but I'm still super enthused to have my character involved in such a project. Looking forward to more! :) (And logged in here at the boards for the first time since ages...)


This comic strip is amazing. I love the visual gigs you use like Hawk throwing his hair on Foxtrail, Fox falling out of the panel , all the different perspectives you manage to draw perfectly..... *droooool* Not to mention about the hottie guys themselves Like Tavie said:

Tavie said: AND I love how you use the "outside" space on the page to have the characters grabbing onto the margins and popping out of the boxes.

Your line-art is superb, I can't wait to see the coloured stuff! Please please do more of this.

btw: something in the facial expressions and the personalities make me think that these could as easily be Cutter and Skywise while younger... ;) grumpy young chief vs. fun-loving stargazer. This line of thought gets into my head mostly with the background of water, characters falling and splashing around, like in EQ Original Quest graphic novel vol.2. Plus your art is just as beautiful, IMHO.


Page five is finally done.

Little explanation to the last panel:
Foxtrail says "you birds". He clearly refers to Hawk´s name here, but also ironically to his friends in general. It´s a funny fact that ALL of Foxtrail´s close friends (which really aren´t that many) happen to be in the bird image.
Hawk, as you know
Fletcher, another troll refugee who is lovemated to his sister and became part of his family
Night Arrow, his long-term crush and heartbreaker who he even calls by the petname "Birdie"

This will be important to get the dialogue on next page as well. The conflict of the free flying bird vs. the bound fox became kind of a red thread in Foxtrail´s history.

Moonmoss said: something in the facial expressions and the personalities make me think that these could as easily be Cutter and Skywise while younger... ;) grumpy young chief vs. fun-loving stargazer.

I think some things are just common in any bromance, but Hawk indeed has much of Skywise, as shown in this page. I´m not so sure about Foxtrail and Cutter. I think except of their grumpiness, strong family bonds and wolfblood they don´t have anything in common at all...


Love their expressions in this one! Especially Hawk's! :D


After a night of drawing frenzy, page 6 is done and online. ^^


I was captivated by the cover page; the colors are wonderfully eye catching, yet earthy and the characters' poses speaks loudly of their relationship. The comic pages are very dynamic and the way the characters move outside the frames gives it a 3D-ish effect that's lovely. Your elves are also very expressive, showing so much emotion and telling half the story with their body language, which of course is excellent in visual media like this. Definitely looking forward to more of this!


Sofia said: Your elves are also very expressive, showing so much emotion and telling half the story with their body language

This-exactly catches what I was thinking. The art just flows from panel to panel, from emotion to action.

Their eyes and emotions are so captivating. I love this. Beautiful.


Thank you so much, @Sofia and @Llannen. I guess when it comes to expression it is where my manga roots show, but it is also to my advantage that especially these characters are very lively.
I took a 30 expressions challenge for Foxtrail a while ago, which helped a lot, since he has a rather complicated face to draw. I never actually finished it, but I won´t deny you my favourite part. ^^

Page 7 is up now. That´s it for the siblings so far. Next there´s gonna be more of Hawk, so stay tuned.


I'm staying tuned, for sure :D you are quite efficient, the next page is up before I've had time to wait for it ;)
Your elves are so expressive, I look forward to following your comic further.
The 30 expressions challenge sounds like a really good exercize. When I think of it, 30 is actually a lot...


Love your work! I hope I'm allowed to get a bit technical? What hardware/ software do you use?


This is a wonderfully drawn comic, and such fun to read! Keep up the good work!


Thank you. ^^

Elwing said: What hardware/ software do you use?

My Hardware is a Wacom Intuos3 graphic tablet and of course my hand. The software is Photoshop CS5, I use a custom brush. I usually make thumbnails to set the page layout and sketch the pages on paper first.


Hee, I have the same tablet, I think...I have Photoshop elements 12, but I'm just finding my way around it...I feel like I kind of suck. What I do right now, when I have a drawing inked on paper, I run it trough the scanner, and then use a free program, inkscape.org/en/ to convert it to a vector image. And then I delete as many nodes as possible. And after that, I re-introduce it into Photoshop, and convert it to several layers. A top layer of just black ink, and all the coloring layers beneath it. I feel like I'm a total amateur and the limitations of my work are discouraging. What I need is a good teacher...


I´m happy to help with any technical questions as far as I can. I have a designer dad and play with Photoshop since I was ten (which is for over 15 years now), so I´m a pretty confident user of that program.
I personally prefer pixels over vectors and I usually ink my stuff digitally. If you like the vector look on your inks, I recommend a wacom gadget called "Inkling" (http://www.wacom.com/en/us/creative/inkling) which might come in handy and save time in your type of workflow.

If you have any Photoshop (or general digital art) related questions, feel free to message me. ^^


Thank you!


I really like the three first panels of the newest page. They're simple without a background which brings all the more attention to the flow of the discussion and their expressions. The expressions turned out very well! Foxtrail looks a bit genuinely happy, which confuses Softfur a bit, but then she sees through him and looks so knowing in the third panel. :D That's my interpretation anyway. I can almost hear their tones of voice in these pictures.

But the two latter ones are a little difficult to follow, especially the dialogue int he last panel. What happened at least three times? Pranks? Skinning? The way you did the teasing dialogue is clever though, with the yawning wolf. I really like that, and the wolf turned out so nicely! Not too fond of the sweatdrops, but then, even I recognize what they mean even if I'm not fond of manga.

That's all my comments for now, looking forward to more Hawk. ;)


Love it! Can't wait to see more your art style is great!


I can't wait for more! The art is wonderful and expressive. I can't wait to learn more about these elves.


Thanks for all your nice comments and sorry for keeping you waiting. Life has become a little busy recently, since my ex moved out and I have to fix my home and look for a new roommate now. As soon as the stress is over, I´ll pick up on this project at once and provide you with new pages. ^^


We can wait (but might be obsessively checking in...) ;)


I second that, Llannen :)


I hope your stress will be gone soon!


It´s taken me a while, but finally here´s the new page. More to come soon. I promise it won´t take that long again ;)


Love the new page!


Whow, really like your story! You still use Photoshop CS5?
I am still using Photoshop 7.......... but I am looking for a "better" program...


Page 9 is done and was added. :)


Another page! :bz


Just saw this thread at the top of the pile today, so its as though it just appeared overnight. This is awesome! Not just the quality of art, but the pacing and layout feels very much like Elf Quest, or at least the part of Elf Quest I have come to love. Im glad to see you are achieving a passion and making progress, and doing so well too!


This is the only online comic that I'm following at the moment! !Scouter


"I am looking for itching leaves."
This is soo cute!


Page ten is up. Starring Thorndust and Firebird.
The girl on page nine is Shadow.