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High Cove Holt


Two tribes of elves live close together on a coast on the World of Two Moons. One is pure blooded and has lived there much longer, and become sea elves of sort, living on the beach and in the ocean. The other consists of wolf blooded elves who had settled only recently and have made their home in the forest and trees that hugs the beach. They do not fight, but can the tribes ever come to a true meeting of mind and heart?


Welcome one and all to the newly opened High Cove Holt, a roleplay paradise for anyone and everyone who wants to enjoy a good EQ story with other fans, or who just wants to have a cozy Holt to call their own. With two tribes up for playing, there are plenty of roles for anyone who wants to join, and we even allow Preserver characters! Whether you want to be pure elf or a wolf blood, you can find a place in either tribe. Original characters created previously are welcome, as long as they can fit in the tribe, or you're welcome to create an all new character! Elves of all kinds of personality are welcome, the more variety the better!

The Holt will be run by a staff, including myself, and we have positions available for Administrators(High Ones) and Moderators(Counselors), so if you have experience and want to be a part of our staff to help our Holt thrive, please don't hesitate to apply!


Very nice to see a traditional type Holt. I registered on your forums to take a look. :) Good luck with the new Holt!


I have joined the forum and submitted a character. This Holt looks very promising!


I'm glad you guys like the look of it! i hope i'll be able to help this Holt thrive and last for a long, long time!

I do hope you'll decide to join in our storyline and make a character Tehaar!


:) Good luck! :-bd


thank you!^^


Sounds like the start of a great Holt! If I was not trying to revive my old one I would bring Merle and crew to this one where applicable to this one.


well if you guys ever decide to check out this one as well, feel free! after all, no reason people can't have multiple holts right? as long as they can handle it that is.

good luck with your holt and thanks for the compliment!


still lots and lots of positions available! we need characters.^^


There are adoptables now available folks!!


That's right! our NPC list will now double as our Adoptables, because our Holt is a little too small for comfort. so come join High Cove Holt, the friendliest holt around! you'll have so much fun!

and it's easy to participate, we do NOT require constant posting or activity. if you can post at least once every couple of days, and manage a 100 word minimum, you'll do fine in High Cove!


Now also have visual references for the Wolf friends too! Plus cubs and Pips to adopt out if you don't want to RP an adult.


Just wanted to announce that High Cove Holt has just had its first recognition! Congratulations to our High One Kaimeta and the SeaFolk elf Tern! Though it seems their recognition will not be easy...

Also! Featured adoptable of the month!

Name: Keenshot
Gender: female
Character's age: 224
Soulname: (unknown)
Tribe: Wolf Folk
Tribal Position: Hunter

Appearance: fair skinned with freckles, and a good number of small scars around her arms and hands; dark brown hair that is straight and short, usually loose; very dark green eyes (they look black unless you’re in good light); often seems to be concentrating, rarely smiling
Body Build: sturdy, muscular, very athletic
Usually Seen Wearing: natural colored leather bodice and skirt, with a dark fur shoulder piece, and dark leather wraps around forearms, dark leather boots
Weapon preference: is exceptional with a bow, prefers to make her own arrows
Magic: none known beyond average sending

Family: (to be decided)

Personality: She is as stern as her expression usually shows – though she doesn’t mind loosening up during howls and gatherings (and seems to enjoy company overall) she is silent and wary while hunting. She prefers to ascend to a rocky outcropping and survey an area, and trusts others who do so to give her good information. She’s not afraid to tell the truth, even if that truth sounds harsh.

Likes: watching birds fly, skipping pebbles on lake water, feasts of raw meat
Dislikes: smoke when she doesn’t know whose fire it is, having to take large kills back to the holt alone

Skills: Keenshot is named for her skills in archery, though she is very good at close range and difficult shots with cover or moving targets she’s less adept with long distance firing. She can spot a wounded animal, and is good at tracking in deep woods. She is only just learning how to do any tracking of animals in lighter wood areas or the beach, and is very uncomfortable out in the open.

History: Keenshot’s life of relaxed hunting was punctuated by fear and danger, with a brush fire that almost cost her and her small hunting party their lives. Since that time she has always mistrusted fires, unless she’s set them herself or seen them being put up or put out.

Any Other Information: She is participating in the archery contest, though a very distant target will give her problems she may be quite good at closer ones.

Wolf Friend: Whiskers, a young male wolf low in the pack, with tan and black fur (like a Doberman in pattern), with bright white fluff around his muzzle; obeys her absolutely, but if she’s not guiding him, Whiskers will enjoy a lot of mischief. He seems to be somewhat more ‘elf minded’ than other wolves.

And this is just one of many adoptable characters we have who need a loving owner! Won't you show you care about adoptables by adopting one?


Great name! I like her appearance. :)

... and no, I'm not a role player.


It is sooo much fun though @embala <3


indeed, it's worth a try! Keenshot needs a loving owner who will help her flesh out completely!^^


I would like to give it a try! But I am not sure Keenshot is "the one". Can I send you a pm if I find an adoptable character?


absolutely! we have quite a few adoptables to choose from. let me know if you're unable to find the adoptable link, and if you have any questions! thank you very much for your interest.^^


I'd like to adopt Oakroot, but how do I proseed?


copy Oakroot's profile, and paste it in it's own thread in the character submission area.^^ please make sure to include somewhere that it IS an adoptable, so staff will know to delete the profile from the adoptable thread.

finish filling out the areas that need it, or tweak the profile so it fits you perfectly, and when it is approved, you can join the roleplays!


Will do!
To start with his profile looks okay, but I do have some ideas, need to work them out first before I submit it.
Thank you and see you in the Holt!


fantastic! Welcome to the family!<3


Congratulations to our two new members in the holt! Eyeshigh, and Hail! It is very exciting that our holt is growing.^^ keeping with the new procedure, here is our featured adoptable of the month!

Character's Name: Swiftwing
Gender: female
Character's age:1,436
Soulname: Vokda
Tribe: SeaFolk
Tribal Position: Crafter/Brewmaster

Appearance: Lightly tanned skin, honey-brown hair that is often kept in a high ponytail with a thick strand of it hanging over her shoulder, purple eyes. About 4 foot 3, she's able to look most male elves in the eyes. She often paints dots under her eyes for decoration, using a paste made from seaweed and dye. She is one of the few SeaFolk who does not have any fins anywhere on her body.
Body Build: Tall, slighty muscular for a female.
Usually Seen Wearing: A long sleeved tunic that is colored hazel with salmon accents and purple ties. Also a salmon cotton skirt with a purple leather belt, and an additional woven belt of seaweed around her hips. Prefers wearing boots.
Weapon preference: A heavy rock.
Magic: Has no magic.

Family: Numerous lovemates in both tribes.

Personality: The type of elf who won't tolerate much silliness sometimes, and she won't let anyone try to baby her because she's an elder, often times not acting her age. When she was younger, she was what the WolfFolk called "rough and tumble". She's often quiet, because she's trying to think of what could make her recipes better and dreaming up new brews to experiment with. She enjoys a good laugh though, and guiltily enjoys watching the effects of her drinks on elves. She enjoys a healthy romp in the furs, or linens if the mood takes her, though she typically doesn't want a man around if he's just going to get in her way and give her an attitude.

Likes: the scent of mint, brewing fermented fruit juices, devising new containers for her drinks
Dislikes: Fruit squishing between her toes, attitude, seagulls, swimming in the deep ocean, other people messing with her experiments.

Skills: brewing fermented drinks, building clay containers for her brews

History: Swiftwing was born into the tribe and like any other SeaFolk child. She was taught to be wary of the wild wolf bloods, and that the ocean was a wonderful thing. She enjoyed playing with the other children, chasing scuttleclaws and spooking the gulls on the beach. She quickly learned she disliked it when anyone put on big airs, and got into her fair share of fights, wanting to take those elves down a peg and teach them some humility.

She also very much loved fruit juices, and would store clay containers full of them in her room. She began experimenting, adding herbs and other flavorings, trying to see what new flavors she could introduce to the juices she so loved. One particular experiment, a concoction of berry juices, beesweets and crushed mint leaves, had been sealed and accidentally forgotten about for many monthes. When Swiftwing opened that container, she was nearly knocked over from the heady intoxicating scent that came from it! And she was amazed to see little bubbles in the juice. She tried it, and found it pleasantly tangy and it set her head buzzing. She eagerly shared it with the rest of her tribe, and the visiting High One who especially took a liking to it. Ever since, she's been brewing fermented drinks, using different ingredients all the time.

Any Other Information: Has a mortar and pestle passed down from her mother that she will use to crush ingredients for her drinks. Will often bribe other elves to do stomping of fruit if it's needed and will never do it herself.


Adoptable of the month! Always looking for new members, and currently looking for additional staff! apply, even if you don't have staff experience.^^

Player's name: NPC Adoptable
Character's name:Vineweaver
Gender: Female
Character's age: 180
Soulname: T.B.D
Tribe: WolfFolk
Tribal Position: Treeshaper

Appearance: Pale skinned stays under treecover as much as possible, Eyes: Pale green Hair: Long straight and very dark brown. Notable feature: Freckles
Body Build: lithe and graceful Very dainty for a wolffolk
Usually Seen Wearing: Some form of a dress
Weapon preference: Thorn spiked cudgel if she actually needed one
Magic: Very Strong Treeshaper
Family: Grandfather Triproot (Deceased)

Personality: Softspoken and awkward around others. Plants are so much easier to understand. She is easily embarrassed and blushes bright red due to her pale complexion

Likes: To make gifts from plants for others. The company of Pereservers and their singing.
Dislikes: Skyfire storms and fire though she knows it brings new growth it saddens her to lose the plants

Skills: Making baskets either by hand or magic. She excels at both. Anything you can think to make from plants she is you girl

History: T.B.D

Any Other Information:

Bonded Animal:
Name- Flitter
Species- bird ~Raven
Appearance- Iridescent black typical of a Raven.
Personality- Loves his Shinnies and getting scratched behind his head


The holt is fairly thriving, but we're always looking for new members! keeping with my little schedule, here's the monthly featured Adoptable!

Name: Brownbark
Gender: Male
Character's age: 600+
Soulname: (unknown, possibly unrecognized)
Tribe: Wolf Folk
Tribal Position: Tanner, leatherworker

Appearance: Tan skinned and angular, with brown hair that is straight and cut to his neck, very handsome but in a somewhat unapproachable way, with a well-kept beard, green eyes.
Body Build: lean, thin, but clearly quick on his feet
Usually Seen Wearing: normally green and brown shaded fashionable leathers, often with leggings and a long-sleeved shirt under a looser long tunic, belts, and sometimes a scarf or cloak. Almost always wears a full outfit, unless it’s just blistering out.
Weapon preference: he is truly dangerous with a short spear, and has a stolen Troll-forged item which is effectively a naginata – a short spear handle with a longish knife blade at the end. He rarely uses this, but if he wants to show off, he will appear with it.
Magic: beyond slightly-better than average sending, none that he’s ever shown.

Family: (to be decided)

Personality: Practical, but also more caring than his darkly handsome face might betray. He cares deeply for his tribe, and wants to keep them safe at any cost – and for him, that means producing leathers and protective gear to keep them from harm individually. Like his Sea elf parallel, he is a perfectionist and will be willing to take on difficult tasks with a firm confidence. Unlike her, however, he prefers to keep his works in more subdued color schemes – if someone wants to bring him dyes, he’ll work with them but he doesn’t seek them out. His skill is in crafting fine leather protective gear out of hides, not bringing attention to everything under the moons.

Likes: high places, large hides to work on, insect sounds
Dislikes: carelessness, behaviors that act in opposition to the tribe’s needs, losing tribemates

Skills: skinning, cleaning, and curing hides into any number of leather styles; tanning and working with heavy leather as well as supple; hunting with spear; climbing (trees mostly); judging sizes/distances

History: took up the mantle of tanner from (whoever it might have been) and enjoys concentrating on the role of clothing provider. He is not jealous or angry if someone chooses a sea-folk style or uses woven goods in addition to his leathers, and can complement theirs easily with his own wares.

Discovered that Ridge was in a sullen, distant mood for far too long, and decided to help him come out of that depression as well as give him some practical skill. The act of cleaning and tanning a hide offered a calm and quiet way to get conversations going and to allow Ridge to progress through his sadness. He isn’t sure whether Ridge will ever be the sole provider of leather goods to the Holt, but he figures that there may come a day when he is not able to do so. Might as well train someone to be able to do it!

Any Other Information: -- All info is temporary until approved, and image contains a ‘bug’ that may or may not be a preserver.
Wolf Friend: High Hop, female, small in size but very energetic and has been known to join Brownbark in the tree tops! She is a low-ranked wolf because of her size, but he prefers her by his side rather than to ride.