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I was meeting with the librarian at work the other day and noticed that we had a graphic novels section. Taking a peek during some free time, I noticed that ElfQuest wasn't there.

Going over to the librarian I explained to him that our library was lacking some important material. I explained to him why it needed to be there. He liked what I had to say, had me write down the info and I promised to email him reviews of it.

We discussed comics as a whole for a bit and he joked he wants to make me the unofficial comics expert on campus (I explained that female artists were seriously under represented in our collection and I would get him information there as well).

I have seen EQ in libraries in the past, but sometimes it isn't there. I encourage you to go to your libraries and see what's on the shelves. Libraries love to hear our suggestions and get them in. I know many of the libraries I have worked with (or in) have a budget for the year to spend on books. If that budget isn't spent, it is cut. If they get suggestions from patrons, not only do they buy the books, but it's books they can show are being checked out. It helps keep libraries open.

Hopefully I see it on the shelf soon. I will have to let my students know.


I recently found a bunch of discarded Elfquest Reader's Collection trades for 25 cents a piece in the "friends of the library" room at my local bookhoard. At first I was stunned that they would be getting rid of them, then recovered just enough to fork over all my quarters in order to give these tired and poor books a good home. I haven't checked out the graphic novels section to see if EQ is represented at all anymore, but I wouldn't be surprised if the massive popularity of superhero movies currently has all but blinded most people to other types of comics which is, of course, outrageous. In response I wear my Elfquest shirt as often as possible and try to work it into conversations every chance I get. I can only hope that my small efforts are making some sort of difference...

Boy. that ended pretty dramatically, didn't it?