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My art Gallery, hope you like it


So, after a few hours of utter fear!
Ok, a little bit exaggerated.... but i was afraid i lost my whole elfquest collection on my external harddrive. After shakking it and, yes, i am sorry, slapping it and telling it i would replace it with a newer one!! It decided to work again!!!

So, some of you asked me to repost some of my fanart and here are some of them.

This one is with chalk, i like to work with it, because i can really blend the colors


The first one i made with Photoshop, ten years ago!

Elf 2

A few years ago i re-did it.


Elf 3


A warrior-Princess


....to bad i can't put more the one picture in one comment...


You can. It's just a bit ... weird.

1. Click "Edit" in your previous comment (upper right corner)
2. Click the "upload eye" in the "Leave a Comment" box - upload next pic
3. Code will appear in the comment you've put in "Edit" mode (not as new comment)
4. Click "Save Comment" for the comment you have in edit mode
5. ... start again with 1.


Your art is lovely! I especially like the warrior-princess!

Actually, you can put several pictures in each message (I haven't found an upper limit yet). Are you uploading them directly to this site or linking to pictures elsewhere on the internet?


Ah, Embala beat me to it! XD


I uploaded them from my computer. And i tried editting my first comment, but the "eye"-picture was gone... 8-}
I will try to upload some more, maybe make it into 1 picture. ;)

And thank you leanan, drawing always makes me forget time, have been known to draw thru the night, lol.


I'm glad to see your art has it's place on the Scroll again, Eyeshigh. *happy smile*

The chalk drawing has its very own appeal. I love the soft color transitions and delicate shading. But there is more ... the look of this elf turned out very unique. Her features and lavish hair-do, the carefully designed headband ... last not least the astonished expression caught my eyes.
I imagine a High One or first generation elf ... still close to her space origin but part of her new world already. Maybe a Wavedancer ancestor ...

Elf-Pam (sorry, forgot her name) really illustrates your developement in coloring. You learned to draw with the colors. I love the rich texture and the soft, thick quality of the hair. The turned out looks smooth and nicely tanned. Shading and highlights make her really three-dimentional.
And of course she is very alluring ... both in "old-fashoined" comic style and as a modern times beauty! ;)

The warrior Princess is my favorite, too. I love her design - the fierceness, the angry glare, the mysterious headscarf ... and the traditional "mothfabric" outfit as a contrast. I absolutely love the flow and coloring of the head scarf. It's a nice detail that the top jewel maches her bright green eyes! This princes is fab!
Now I have a mind picture of Jackwolfrider Chief Morninglight raiding the dens of the peaceful Forestdwellers - kidnapping the young chiefson Tam ... B-)

I hope to see more soon!


I learned i liked my drawings better without a black outline. Kind of like HY. And i am still learning.
At the moment i have only....old stuff laying around, but i want to do more soon. Have been sketching more these past few days. I have a lot of ideas, now i need to find the time. :-?
Want to draw all known tribes, cause now i only have done the lead characters and mostly wolfriders...

Ps, the second elf supposed to be me as an elf, lol.


Did some sketching today. Read some old treads and was wondering... Winnowill wasn't always as evil as we know her. She loved Lord Voll, maybe even Recognized him?


I am not that good at hands, but it turned out better then i thought.


Oh, what a sweet moment <3


Wow Spot on. Love it!! I hope Winnie get better (ie less angry/hateful with the world)
I never liked her as a character but did not dislike her either.


Thank you!!! I hope so too, but she still has some tricks up her sleeves, I am afraid....


Here is a small collection of my "old" art, made some photo's because my scanner is burried under a pile of paper, lol.


Whoops...forgot to add them :))

Collectred Fan-Art


A few others!

Poster 1-1



New Holt



Oddbit small-1



Oh! I remember you! I was so used to the other avatar you used, the one of your character with the blonde hair, that I couldn't connect you with the new avatar. I always loved your art, especially the Oddbit picture!


great drawings!


Thank you! I haven't been here in a long time @Startear, but now I have more time, kids more grown, lol. And I rejoined EQFanart again.
Oddbit I did for a contest on Facebook. Never did a troll before, but I like her. And she is steampunk, I love tht style of clothing.

Tamarien ChangeStone

My favorite is the elf on the rock. She looks so pensive and sad.

And -what ? - is that a elfquest painting on a WALL. Dang that is cool ! Adventurist and cool.


Yes it is... unfortunatly we moved and just left it with the new owners..... :( but I still have the picture!
She was a character I came up with when I was young(er), she was a human (me) who was ill (not me!) And suddenly was on the world of two moons. She was adopted by the Wolfriders, but after many years she wanted to go home again. After she "woke up", she realized she had dreamed.
The woman on the rocks is the same, only drawn a few years later.


Wonderful art! I especially like your tree dens, they look so cozy :)


Thank you Sofia, I made those for the CalanderContest on EQFanart.com. it was chosen for the cover ;).

Here are some sketches of Steampunk-trolls (Oddbit and another)


Love the Steampumk trolls! <3


I just stumbled on this-love that you all share your art. It's amazing. You have several skills with different mediums. LOVED the art work on the wall. Keep sharing please....


Thank you! I am trying to draw in many different mediums, see what fits me. Still, I prefer pencil first and see how I can add to it. Mostly I keep it as a sketch, affraid I might ruin it.... ;)


You worry about the hands!? you got the faces right, and that is more difficult!


Thank you!! Still, hands and feet... not my thingy. I usaually try to hide them, lol.

Here are two new ones. I hadn't made a pencil-drawing in years! But I still love it, I noticed!
Meet Chief Tidemist (blue dress) and Kaimeta (white dress)of the High Cove Holt!


I love Tidemist's multi-colored elbow fins!




Thank you!

I am hoping to finish your drawing soon @Thornbrake, but we had a powerfailure last night and now my computer isn't starting up..... =(( :((
...I'd like to add some curse-words, but no, that isn't my style O:-).

Luckely I had my art stored on a different ext.drive, so they aren't lost! I hope I can find the problem soon....


Another two Characters of High Cove Holt!
First Snaketwist.

And here is Ridge.


Eyeshigh said: I am hoping to finish your drawing soon @Thornbrake, but we had a powerfailure last night and now my computer isn't starting up.....

Tech-problems are the worst! Take your time!

Ridge and Snaketwist are yummy!!


Thank you! The theme of our holt seems to be shirtless-guys! Lol.

Now my computer is starting, but I can't connect to the internet... and I need to find the time to finish my drawing ;)


Yummy with a spoon.


Hope to digitalize them in the future! 8->


Three more ;)


Serpent Fang



For my friend Delhya, who got me got me into joining RP-holts!

Brooksong from High Cove Holt.


Here is Coral.


Eyeshigh said: Thank you! The theme of our holt seems to be shirtless-guys!

That's an amazing theme! ;)


Haha! I think so too. Love drawing shirtless guys!

I hate to dissapoint you.... but my drawingtablet doesn't work any more.... so I think I will not be able to finish the drawing I made for you @Thornbrake. Hope I figure out what is wrong soon, maybe borrow another computer to see where the problem is.