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EQ on eBay


Get ready … what are we bid?

While Columbia University has all Elfquest original art, scripts, business papers, etc. we still have a lot of … well, stuff in the Warp warehouse. Some, like signed copies of out-of-print books, we sell via the Elfquest shop (elfquest.com). Some, though, is more oddball - like unique printing color keys from the days of the Original Quest, or samples of EQ merchandise that never made it to mass production, and who knows what else.

It's been a while since we ran auctions on eBay. Starting tomorrow (Sunday, February 8) at 10 pm eastern US time, we're going back on the block. All auctions will run for 7 days - and everything will be signed.

Here's the link to whatever items we decide to list. (Right now, there's nothing there, and non-EQ items may be included.)


Bookmark the page, and keep checking, because you never know what may show up!ebay-logo


I'm the high bidder on one of these items! NYAH, NYAH! =P~


I'm watching for Rayek, to no one's surprise.


Hey, why isn't there international shipment?


Hey, they've got a signed copy of "Rogue's Challenge" up! I already have one, of course, but wasn't there someone asking about it on the forums recently?


No it was someone asking about Rogue's Curse as hardcover though I've never seen a hardcover issue of Rogue's Curse, only R. Challenge. Which is a nice book form collection of HY issues that contains important insights. :|
I have R. Challenge, I think even two times, and the "loose" HY booklets but would have had an eye out on another one. \m/

Weren't you from Canada, manga? Officially the auctions only state "ships to US" though I thought in the Wolfrider shop that wasn't an issue.


I don`t know anything about this place except that one of my favorite deal sites uses them for international shipping, though not to Canada. I`m just putting this out here so that our international friends can look into it and see if it`s of use to them:



jaRf said: Hey, why isn't there international shipment?

Two reasons, mostly - cost to the buyer and paperwork that I have to do. If someone overseas is willing to pay (what seem to me) high costs for postage, I'll consider it. I only use first class (if available) or Priority post; I will not trust parcels via slow boat.


EQ on eBay!
http://www.ebay.com/sch/eqstargazer/m.html… Just a reminder that several auctions end this Sunday - including some hard-to-find goodies (here's just a couple) - and more are scheduled to start (including portfolios and a copy of Hidden Years 9.5 signed by both Wendy and John Byrne). Bookmark the page, and keep checking, because you never know what may show up!

eBay mix


International shipment depends. I had paid really varying prices for parcels from all kinds of countries. Also shipment times varied from neglectable 3 days to more than 2 months (the latter was an Elfquest item by the way, but from the other end of the world, probably by ship and all sorts of transaction delays and customs inbetween).

It would be good to have a rough hint of what cost to expect. Because in my fubared country you don't just pay customs, you pay them also for the shipment (not just the goods itself). And then, when all this has summed up so nicely you pay about 20% taxes on top of it. :/
As far as I know there are some "installations" who also manage all this mess for sellers and customers.

I feel still tempted to obtain a 3rd exemplar of R. Challenge. ;) But it would mean getting up at 5 AM. But then, who know what might still come up on auctions? So maybe I should save money for later? Uh-oh.