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So... Printing Errors Anyone?


I just noticed a Printing Error in my copy of ElfQuest: Volume One TPB.

Page 371 is printed twice, once in it's proper place and once as Page 405 in place of the page that, I presume, was supposed to be there. Anyone know who I need to send an email to?

It's not like I don't have other sources for that single page... but I just figured that *someone* needed to know. Fumbles will happen in spite of us sometimes.


TPB? You're talking about the big, recently released black and white reprints of OQ, right? Everyone's got that error so far. I thought DH had issued a reprint, but perhaps not...or perhaps you just got one of the errored editions.


Yeah, it's the big black and white one. Gorgeous book to say the least. The error just caught me by surprise. I might've gotten one of the errored versions. It's not a big deal, to be honest. Just surprised me.


Also, in the Complete EQ vol 2.. They seem to have switched the covers to Siege 7 with 8 and the other way around. (they use the covers as chapter-dividers)

It threw me a bit.


@MrsGrizzley yes, there was an unfortunate misprint in the Complete ElfQuest Vol 1. We haven't gotten any specific or verified info from Dark Horse about reprints or replacing copies.

However, I've heard several anecdotes of people buying the book off the shelf with no printing error, which means Dark Horse has done a second printing. I also heard that Dark Horse replied to a fan that the misprinted copies were no longer available (whether or not that means Dark Horse recalled then with vendors, I don't know).

And just today on Facebook someone posted that his friend received a replacement copy from Dark Horse. So not sure what's going on for sure, but it seems like Dark Horse is working to both correct the printing error and do right by people that bought the book. I'll share any info I get from Dark Horse or Wendy and Richard, as I get it.


Dark horse said that they did a second printing- and that these should be what you find on shelves these days. i don't think they recalled the others- but I think they sold out of them and didn't restock.