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If you had elf powers, what (silly, little things) would you do?


So this is a kind of silly thought, but if I had telekinesis, like Rayek, I would work at it until I could braid my hair all kinds of awesome ways without my hands. :D


pump my gas without exiting the car.


definitely loving the brushing of hair with telekinesis. or getting my glass of water when i don't wanna get out of bed and such things. i would never have to leave my bed again, mwahahaha!

a couple years back, i wished i had treeshaping powers so i could heal the magnolia tree in my front yard of the root rot it had.

more than anything, i'd REEEALLLY like gliding powers. i could probably glide to work instead of driving! or use it to mess with people....walking on water, hahaha!


I'd like to be a shapeshifter or a healer, I think that would be fun :) And other than that, telepathy hell yeah!


agh, you're so right, how could i forget the healing stuff?

can we say drop dead gorgeous body and the longest prettiest hair EVER?!!


...I would probably end up turning into another Winnowill... :!!


Tree/plantshaping ... to mend things and make my plants grow instead of vanishing.

Rock/metal shaping - growing precious stones (or ordinary ones) and shape them. Making my own "jewelry" is a long-time hobby.

Silly? Okay ... regrow the branches my neighbours have cut off ... long enough to knock on their window. And when they look out - the tree would have a face, and a mouth ... and a fist.


Send to and with Animals :)


Good one, Em! ^_^

Sending: Not much fun if I were the only one.
Plant-Shaping: Caring for all kinds of precious plants (Camellia, Hepatica etc.) and growing tropical fruit on my balcony.
Healing: Making a filthy amount of money!
Telekinesis: Cleaning the windows while sitting on the couch (and hitting my neighbours with all kinds of objects).
Self-Levitation (Gliding): I'd hover shopping! Would also make travelling much more comfortable.
Flesh-Shaping: I'd have to reshape my muscles from time to time, since I'd probably stop walking altogether with all this levitation stuff going on...
Rock-Shaping: I'd make the walls of this excuse for an apartment soundproof! Might save the neighbours a couple of dents.


Shapeshift. Turn into an animal and spend a few thousand years in a wooded area.


*thumbsup* Good use for all, Storm! ^^


If I were an elf right here and now I would want the ability to summon (and fly) the castle so I could get away from this planet. I see what is being done to it by some idiots and it disgusts me, imagine being an elf and seeing all this...
To be able to fly true space would be great as long as the palace isn't completely transparent. I'm afraid I might react even worse than Cutter...


Wow, this is a tough one.

I often have dreams of flying just like an elfin floater, and it would definitely be a great skill to have. :(( :|

I'm a gardener and have a great affinity for plants, so plant-shaping is would be a natural fit. :x

I'm also a wildlife conservationist and educator, and regularly handle wild animals, and let me tell you, an animal bonding ability would definitely come in handy! !Tier