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37 Years of Pointed Ears! Happy birthday, Elfquest!


A very happy birthday to Elfquest!


What's gobsmacking to us is the realization that we've been writing and drawing Elfquest longer than many of its readers have been alive! @-)


Ayoooooah! Congrats!


world without EQ


I started reading ElfQuest about a month ago and have already bought all of the Original Quest and Readers Collections. I just can't find a physical copy of Final Quest issue 1! Someone help!


Happy birthday! I'm one of those readers who are younger than EQ!


I was all of nineteen when I discovered Elfquest...so yeah, I was well grown when the elves first came into my life. They haven't left since. I discovered EQ at a convention where Richard and Wendy had a table in the dealers' room (CoastCon, 1980) and I bought issue #1 of the original quest, read it sitting on the floor outside in the hall, then came back in and bought the other eight that were out at the time and then subscribed to get the rest. I was hooked good and proper and no mistake. It's hard to believe it was so long ago, and after all this time I'm once again anxiously awaiting the next issue in a current series. Darn you, WaRP! Darn you to heck! (You know, Heck, that place where people go when they don't believe in Gosh...) But other than that, happy 37th to the saga that is Elfquest and may there be 37,000 more! (After that, we renegotiate.)


Happy Birthday, ElfQuest! :-@


Finding Elfquest was the beginning of a paradigm shift for me, one that led, I think, to my becoming a more open, accepting, and exploring/curious person. Happy Birthday Elfquest! And thanks!


RichardPini said: What's gobsmacking to us is the realization that we've been writing and drawing Elfquest longer than many of its readers have been alive

How does it feel to be old? O:-)

Leanan said: I'm one of those readers who are younger than EQ!

Me too. :-j

Happy Birthday, ElfQuest. ~O)


Happy birthday, EQ! Thank you, Elf-mom and Elf-pop, for giving us so many years of enjoyment and friendship. (And the occasional Rayek War. ;) )


Happy birthday, Elfquest !


Happy birthday, ElfQuest! Yes, many, many thanks to the Pinis and everyone who is or was part of something that's pure magic. :-D


Aww, I wish I had known that exact date earlier. And then to have the time to make some birthday present.
I am not as old as Elfquest but anyway I am happy that I stumbled over it one day many years in the past. I hadn't been much into comics at that time but this was finally something to my taste. And I read it very, very fast.
I'll raise a glass of sweet water and drink to ElfQuest's wellbeing (that includes the creators and coworkers and fans). Cheers!




37 years?! Already 37?! Cool!!! Happy birthday to you!!!


Happy Birthday Elfquest!! Born in the same year, I have grown up with you. While other siblings fight over bathrooms we fought over our Dad's Elfquest graphics :) Here's to many more years, and the joy of introducing my children to you as well !!! Happy birthday! !!


Happy birthday and thanks for all the fun!


Happy (slightly belated) Birthday, ElfQuest! Thanks for 37 years' worth of magic!


I am 13 and have read elfquest as long as I can remember .... a world without Elfquest would be like a world without light :bz


Wow 37 years, how time flies. Happy birthday elfquest!!!


Eq 4ever !Dewshine


Happy birthday Elfquest!


What's stunning me is that ElfQuest is roughly the same age as my brother and sister, and that I'm only three years older, well, two and a half or so. I was a toddler when the comic started, but a teenager before I discovered it.

Thank you, ElfMom and ElfPop, for all your years of struggle and all the work you have done to bring this story, this world, to us. I believe that we as readers, and the world around us, are better for your efforts.