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A word from your sponsor


When I created this avatar for Hiyama Gotugai (get it?) on the Masque of the Red Death Facebook page, I had little idea its dual character would come back to bite me so enthusiastically in the butt. For nearly 40 years, I've been Mr. Facilitator to Elfquest in every way I know how. It was the key factor in my quitting a cushy career at IBM in 1981, and it's still a full-time job. Yesterday, I spent an intense afternoon at a very focused seminar in New York's theater district, attempting to get up to speed on theater production - a topic I know nothing about - vis-a-vis Wendy's "Masque." But then, I knew nothing about self-publishing when we started Elfquest. So I've just added yet another job description to my collection, which I expect will have two effects. One, as persnickety as you may think I am now, it's going to get BAM! kicked up a notch. Two, what spare time (insert quietly hysterical laughter here) I manage to wrest from the elves and now the bio-zombies, I will guard ever more vehemently. Wendy and I have already cut back on convention travel. We won't disappear from the online social scene, but that is an insidious time-sink and we must be more sparing than ever. We have much to do. Onward!



We greatly appreciate the time you both devote to communicating with your fanbase. Should you need further protection from the frenzied mob of Elf-lovers, don't hesitate to contact your nearest Troll community.


Theatre production? Good for you. I wish you both the best success.



Don't work too hard and try to relax at least once a day, tell a joke or laugh about one once a day. Look at something pretty, a sunrise/ sunset, your wife ;), but most of all enjoy what you do to keep stress out the door! :)