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Jeedai's Preserver Nest


This will be a repository for all my Preserver paperdolls. My thanks for the various kinds of feedback that has kept this series going! Yay

Thumbnails will link you to the larger versions.
(*= mined-out resource.)


Warp Graphics 1

Named Preservers

Berrybuzz (Blood Of Ten Chiefs 20, Seige At Blue Mountain, New Blood 5, Wolfrider's Guide, Hidden Years 10 + headstudy, Hidden Years 11, Hidden Years 25 + two headstudies.


Bumbleclaw (Wolfrider's Guide, Hidden Years 25 + headstudy)

Littlesky (Wolfrider’s Guide, Hidden Years, Blood Of Ten Chiefs #20 cover)


Petalwing (Wolfrider's Guide, "Homespun", Blood Of Ten Chiefs #20 cover, Marvel EQ #16, Macchianera #5, The Searcher And The Sword, Final quest Prologue, Kings Of The Broken Wheel, The Discovery, Hidden Years #11 (page 5 and 18), Siege At Blue Mountain, OriginalQuest (Donning/Starblaze, Father Tree Press, DC Comics- #10 (pages 9 and 19), Book 3, Book 4) ...)

Tickletoe (Wolfrider’s Guide, Hidden Years + hat studies, Shards)

Tittersweet (Wolfrider's Guide, Blood Of Ten Chiefs #20 cover, Shards#2, Shards #7 cover, Shards #7 interior)

Waterleaf (All from Blood of Ten Cheifs #20)

Willowsnap (Wolfrider’s Guide, Hidden Years, New Blood)

(Unnamed third Preserver in Sorrows End)

(Wolfrider's Guide, Blood Of Ten Chiefs #20 cover, Hidden Years #2, New Blood #13 and #26)


Warp Graphics 2

”Home Spun”

(None… yet)

Wolfrider’s Guide/ Centerfold

Hidden Years

New Blood/ Shards
(still to come...)


Warp Graphics 3

Blood of Ten Chiefs #20


”The Jury”


Warp Graphics 4


From the first issue of the anthology series

The Searcher And The Sword

The Discovery*

Winter Tree Painting
(still to come...)

Final Quest
Special, #3...


Black Mermaid Productions*

???/ No-Wing/ No-Fin

Conjectural wing re-construction, as it appears in a flashback (Wave Dancers#6), Wave Dancers #3-6, from children's book concept art (deviantArt), from a painting with Tilaweed (deviantArt)

Tiny-Fin (from Tyfus & Tilaweed teaser images)


River Twine Holt*

Dewdrop, Berryflop, Foamspray, Flutterby(and headtopper studies), Gurgleflap,Muckabout, Mushroom, Swarm Hat Study #1 #2 and #3, Ancient's Preserver's Hat Stud #1Trickleclaw (and hat studies), Drizzlecloud, Glittergem,Chatterhop

Gurgleflap as DoctorWho, Muckabout as Cobra Commander (AU contest entrys)

2D Master of Berryflop for a contest piece

Assorted bases


Thunderwater Holt*

Frillywings. Lillyeyes, Tiffy

Shadow Wood Holt

Bellblossom, Bittercup, Flowerbottom, Singsweet

Three Moons Holt*

Capnut, Honeybuzz, Lemonsting, Redberry, Springwing, Sunsmile

Forest Dwellers*

Dewbead, Flutterwing, Grasshoper, Songscreech, Sunweb


All the bugs in this post were designed by Vojira

The Timeless*

Applesnatcher, Berrybiter, Chatterbug, Thorntip (+hat study), Trolltripper, Yipyap

Vojira's drawing, vector-inked and given wings by me (art trade)

Mistsingers and Vineweavers*

Mistsingers: Gullpester, Pebblebasher... Vineweavers: Sleepling, Vinesap...

Misc Timeless 'Verse Bugs*

Glow (Allegiance unknown), Glow (Before The Fall), Nestmaker (semi-fanart-insert by me), Shatterdream (unaffiliated - attached to a wandering elf)


World Of Danen;

Boldthorn, Brownberry, Bubblecloud, Busybit, Iceflake, Moondancer x2, Sharpclaw, Snickersnack, Sweetfoot, Thistle

Ice, Mothberry, Pebble, Waterblossom


Misc Holts

Kinseeker’s Tribe: Bumbleberry... Memory Time Holt: Mossglow... Rushwater Holt: Capnut and Glimmer... Mist Valley Holt: Bittersweet and Sunnywing... Star Pool Holt: Firewing... Stonehowl Holt: Berryseed... Edge Of Vast Deep: Sweetberry... Eight-of_Dreams Holt: Merrywind... ElfWest: Petal Wing... Dreamwalker's Holt: Cloudberry and Frostwing... Demon Of Living Woods: Flowerberry, Leaflet, and Pricklepear (200th bug!), Hollyhopper (Aurek's Egg-cellent Adventures, by MultiMedea)... Rhovanion Holt: Mistsong, Twirlleaf... Sweetwater Fan Club: Rootbulb... Oakleaf Holt: Littlebreeze (concept art and final), Sapbubble... Grey Falls Holt: Twiglet... Hogh Cove Holt: Gemshine and Ripeberry

Unaffiliated/ Seasonal/ Requests/ Just 'Cuz...

Chromascale (EDA board request), Hollyjoy (Xmas Theme, 2010 Card), Brainmunch (Halloween Theme), Un-named "Disney Style" Bug (created by Tah-Marien),

For Nightsea: Skyspitter, Twigcurl (v1 and 2), Waterdrop, Flowertop... For Embala: Gemkeeper (before), Un-Named "Tinfoil Hat" Bug... For MrsGrizzley: Flitterleaf

Archival Art Grab-Bag
(Characters I found on the Scroll of Colors, ElfQuest Fan Art, deviantArt, Elfwood, Photobucket, Flickr, Wayback Machine... basically anything where I can't identity a holt name or fanfic title...)

No-Sing (created by Cleopatra, Scroll of Colors), Spiderberry (creator untraceable, Spiderberry's Preserver Links), Acornleaf (http://vaiya.deviantart.com/), Crazyseedling (created by cometduster, "For The Fun Of It" group on the Scroll Of Colors), Un-named RPG character (original art by DestinysGift, http://www.elfquestfanart.com/index.php?action=profile;u=815), Daisytop (created by Thornbrake) BarnacleBubble and SweetShell(created by Shadowfire), Embala/Marinayurik: Cloudwing, Lilacflush, Sweetroot

From a collection of Gaia Dream Avatar bugs by Whiteghost

From Trollhamer's tales on the Scroll Of Colors: Un-named Troll Captive,...


I love this thread, Jeedai!

Seeing your Preservers gathered like this is eye candy. It's not only because remeeting them is always joy ... before you started your project I never realized that there was so much variety! These thumbnails allow to compare the different Preservers and variant appearances of of single ones.

*lol* at Dr. Who (remember him from the Holt site) - such an extraordinary idea! Clap

Sadly the thumbnails lead me nowhere (PB says Page not found) - is this still normal ?

btw - you have a broken link in post 10.


Fixed the broken links. I made a link template in Word and copied/edited it over and over, and it looks like the program added spaces where they didnt belong when the lines were pasted into the messages here. Thanks for the notice, Embala.


Works great now Wink


I love all of your little Preservers.....Luvlove


Your Preservers are awesome!
I really love the zombie Preserver!Yeah


So much and so awesome Preservers!!!Luvlove

I gotta love the zombie Preserver, but I love them all!!


I've just realized that you brought your "fun" Preservers to the Nest!

Gurgleflap as Dr. Who is outstanding - "he" is perfect with the unique topper, typical scarf and the human smile. Inventive background! Muckabout looks VERY active and strong as Cobra Commander ... and bad OMG!! Love your ideas Laugh

I adore the flying Berryflop - the perspective, detailed hands and glowing eyes. and the wings show both elegance and tension Clap


Thanks for all the comments Wave


ROFLMAO @ Doctor Who bug!



Timeless Holt


(hope to have them all done by 12/31)

*Squee*I love it!


(Vojira didn't define which kind of apple was skinned for its hat, so I went with the setting appropriate dreamapples)

Actually it can use both. XD Awesome work, just awesome!


Thanks again!


Awww! I just love Yipyap! The hat, the wings, the expression! Fantastic!

But No-Sing isn't mine. It's Cleopatra's.O__o


Re-organized the posts somewhat:

Dolls of the un-named bug that is part of the Sorrows End trio (alongside Littlesky and Willowsnap) have been gathered up under a single heading up top. Rather than scattered across several posts by comic issue.

All versions of Waterleaf are now together as Canon Named. (For those of who who never saw the original posts on the Dollz thread, my pet theory is the comic's colorist repeatedly re-colored a character the line artist intended to be the same bug)

All of Vojira's preservers (current and upcoming) are listed in a single post.

EDIT: No-Sing is now listed as a "grab-bag" character, unrelated to any holt.


Slight revision to Flutterwing from the Forest Dwellers set. Made the mouth a little less wide. A 'wrongness' to the original mouth became apparent when I started mixing it with other eye sets. New version makes for a better neutral expression, I think.

(Same file name as the original so you may have to delete your cookies/ clear out temp files to see it).


Pricklepear (from "Demon Of Living Woods)...

... Is my 200th Preserver Paperdoll! Happy

(That is if you count all the head studies but DONT count the original Petalwing, which is no longer in this archive. All the Petalwings now have the unique wings from the Preserver portrait in the Wolfrider's Guide/ comic book centerfold. The original wings, which were my first templates, were more generic and have since been used on other bugs. The retconned Petalwing was bug number #100... or was that #99? Headbang3 )


Yeah Congratulations! Yeah

200! times awesomeness - fun and gorgeous artworks is worth a party Yay

Not to mention all the time you spent with research and classification. I've went through the posts again ... canon Preservers must have integrated some chameleon DNA!


Added more specific credits to the 'grab-bag' bugs.

Bugs which are part of a Holt remain collectively credited to their Holt(s).

I moved the canon Wavedancer bug up into the 4th post, with the other miscellaneous Warp Graphics characters. All four posts featuring canon Preservers now have a Warp Graphics credit at the top. And, of course...

'ElfQuest' is a registered trademark. © Copyright Warp Graphics, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.


Edited all embedded links to match the new site format so that the larger images can be seen.

(Also did it for the links to other people's artwork in my Characters page)


Jeedai said

Black Mermaid Productions*

???/ No-Wing/ No-Fin

Tiny-Fin (from Tyfus & Tilaweed teaser images)

LuvloveHypnotizeThese are amazing!!!!!Bow_downBow_down


OK, apparently I'm not subscribed to my own thread, because I didnt get an email notice of FireStar's comment. Thanks! Sorry I didnt say so sooner.


Added notes for where those No-Wing references came from.

Moved some of the canon bug tags around, in order to make room for a "Final Quest Prelude" tag. (I previously put in one for Elfmom's un-named winter Cutter/Preservers portrait in an unannounced edit).


Final Quest promises now work for you ... hopefully some interesting varieties to come! Smile


Corrected the name and reference on one of the Berrybuzz's (second from left first row) from Original Quest to Seige At Blue Mountain.

(The image link of same on the Dollz thread is now broken)


Finally figured out how to fix the broken links caused by Photobucket's revamp. So the images on the first page should now be visible again on all browsers


Thumbs_up The nest is back to life! Luvlove


Just need to let you know: Your Preserver nest is an excellent reference when you search for a special Preserver ... and neither know the look nor the issue/series where you can find it. Wink

Thank you!


Love It! These are awesome!


@Jeedai Do you consider to revive this thread and update the collection, Jeedai?


Gullpester and No-Sing are my favorites. Gotta love that hair...and that flower cap that makes No-Sing look like a little jester. XD


*takes a dive into the beautiful coloured nest and tries to avoid hair-pulling and singing* You know I love these!


In process of updating now. Only had to go back as far as the start of the Homespun avatar series


Note that this bug (Final Quest Special)...

... is the first of a new format for making the wings be more in perspective. And matched up properly, as the left wing is mirrored from the right rather than drawn separately.


You've improved high quality to perfection! Awesomeness ^:)^

You've updated :bz ... my eyes see with joy!


Holy smokes these are awesome!


Now imagine how ear splitting it must be to have all of these in a room together! :bz


not if they put you in wrapstuff :)


Do you think the preservers ever put each other in wrapstuff? I'm not sure I'd want to see a preserver argument...


They must have at some point. They argue like siblings and having ten of them leads me to believe they would have.


are you making these yourself, or using some kind of program?...i wish i could make some preservers, i'm opening a new holt that will allow players to play as them...T_T


Love your preservers!


Thanks for all the recent kind comments. :)

@Vaeri: I make all them myself, but all the 'parts' are made as if they could be parts of a program. The project was partly inspired by a 'doll maker' called Hero Machine. Particularly the way I do the shading.


maybe you should work with a programmer to turn them into a game!^^ Doll Divine is really fantastic about that. though i'm not sure if Ola needs payment for programming or not...*thinks*


@Vaeri: I've no intention of shopping my templates out to some off-site doll maker. But I do take requests, so when your holt gets off the ground maybe we can work together to sort out what you need to represent your tribe's bugs.

EDIT: I believe I have corrected all the links that went bad during the forum change. But please LMK by PM if you find a thumbnail that doesnt work.


well then i'll have to direct the players to you.^^ they'd know what they want better than i would.


:bz Sounds promising! :bz Moooore bugs :bz