Future Folk

Many centuries have passed since the downfall of Grohmul Djun, and the World of Two Moons has changed immeasurably. Human civilization now extends far beyond the confines of their planet, a history of progress and growth now separating the population from the savage brutality of their ancestors. Space-faring vessels probe the outer reaches of their solar system. The nations and continents of their world – now named Abode – are now united as a one-world government under the command of their Matriarch and leader, the Doma. Humankind itself has begun to unlock the secrets of telepathy, but as for the Elves, Trolls and Preservers, only mysterious legends of the so-called “Sojourners” remain. And, of course, a smattering of artifacts, clues and strange figures, among them the elusive Jink, the “white-haired star-daughter.” Then there are the “Neverending,” a threatening alien culture within which exists a treacherous air of slippery protocol, misunderstanding and conflict.

The answer to the question “What happened to the Elves?” may be found only through the efforts of Jink and a small band of outlaws known as The Rebels. Their joint destiny seems tied up with the forgotten myths of the Sojourners. In a world of apparent order and inexplicable menace, guarded over by keepers of lost secrets, all possibilities remain open, with so much still left to lose…

The known Future Folk include:

Chandra DavenkeeCosmo LuricahnRosie • Scorch ChirellShimmerJinkKullyn Kenn • Imele L’Cota • Tamia • Gyn Bellambara • The Doma • Gestrelle Lurichan

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