The Go-Backs

The Go-Backs are a tribe of elves from the Frozen Mountains of the north. Originally nomads following great herds of deer, the tribe was formed when they heard the magical call of the Palace of the High Ones and chose to “go back” to their ancestral home. Unfortunately, the Palace had been taken over by trolls and the Go-Backs entered into a never-ending war to take it back. With the help of the Wolfriders, they eventually succeeded.

They later lost the Palace when Rayek stole it into the future, and the Go-Backs became a tribe with nowhere to go back to and nothing to do. When their fiery chieftess Kahvi left to seek revenge on Rayek, the Go-Backs descended into a centuries-long decline into a base, directionless existence in which they started a war with their own kind.

Kahvi’s daughter Venka returned to them and helped raise them up to their former glory. They now protect the Palace of the High Ones and defend their elfin kin from humans and other threats.

Go-Backs are bawdy, raucous and prone to violence, but are loyal to a fault and willing to die for their cause.

The known Go-Backs include:

KahviKrimSkotYunVenkaChotVayaMarduCheiderUrdaZeyVokKivYifJirdaRoffMirffGahvPyutt • Yowth •

Ekuar and Rayek lived with the Go-Backs for a number of years, helping them grab a foothold in the mountains and create a permanent lodge in which to stage their skirmished with trolls.

Teir is a mysterious loner who joined Ember’s Wolfrider tribe and later discovered his Go-Back heritage.

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