King of the Forest Trolls

Greymung was an ambitious young troll who got fed up with life under the yoke of old King Guttlekraw. He organized an uprising and successfully deposed the befanged monarch and his followers, banishing them back to the original troll home under the Frozen Mountains.

Greymung then became king of his own group of trolls, and promptly went about spending the ages getting fat, lazy and increasingly nasty and vindictive, eventually earning the never-said-to-his-face title “Greymung the Shiftless.” He was known to remove toenails with pincers as punishment when one of his subjects annoyed him.

When Wolfrider chieftess Goodtree settled her elfin tribe in the forest above the troll caverns, Greymung ordered his people to stay hidden from the woodland elves, although he did allow is old nursemaid Old Maggoty to filch their dreamberries–until she got caught centuries later by Bearclaw.

Bearclaw’s discovery ushered in a era of friendship (to use the word loosely) between trolls and elves, who traded with each other for goods and services. That all ended when Greymung tricked the Wolfriders into the burning waste of the desert, and trapped them there, all as revenge for his injured pride after being embarrassed in front of his subjects by Cutter.

Shortly thereafter, Greymung met his end at the blades of Guttlekraw’s troll warriors, who returned from the Frozen Mountains to get a delayed revenge on the usurper. He ended up in the cook pot.


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