Grohmul Djun

Warlord & tyrant

Grohmul Djun was a man of obsessions. Quick to anger and enormously strong, his natural intelligence could not overcome a relentless need to dominate and rule all that he saw. When disturbed, someone’s life was forfeit; he considered his subjects nothing more than cattle.

One of the “wonders and mysteries” he was most obsessed with was the magic contained in the Shards of the Palace. Determined to possess this rare treasure, he ordered his men to collect every last sliver, using them to build four crystal chambers in his Citadel.

Like many rulers on the World of Two Moons, of whatever origin, the Djun was subject to the machinations of Two-Edge. The half-mad half-troll led Grohmul Djun to construct steam-powered logging machines to help his men flush out the Wolfriders, but not before they had embarked upon a new quest to recover the palace’s shards.

Grohmul Djun met his match in “Lady Venovel”–Winnowill in human form. He was consumed by desire for her, but too smart to let her control him entirely. This impasse, at its conclusion, led him finally to decapitate her when the Wolfriders and Shuna’s rebels overwhelmed his fortress. Grohmul Djun had already been shaken to the core when Cutter confronted him, but his final encounter with the elves left the Djun dethroned, horribly scarred and in precarious health.

Years later, an aging Djun sought to regain his empire, raising his children to be as ruthless and heartless as he. His son, Angrif, murdered the old man as soon as he was able.

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