Ingen and Jarrah

Rayek’s Parents

Like most of the Sun Folk, Ingen and Jarrah toiled in the village gardens and lived a peaceful life. They Recognized and gave birth to a son, Rayek.

Rayek was not like the other villagers. He was driven by a deep need to be the best in all things and scorned the idea of laboring in the dirt to grow food. Though Ingen and Jarrah tried to teach their son to be content with the simple village life, Rayek preferred going on dangerous hunting adventures. Yet, while they didn’t share their son’s drive, they praised his hunting skills and contributions to keeping the village well-fed, especially in times of drought and crop failure.

Though they loved their son, Ingen and Jarrah shared little in common with him, especially after his magical abilities blossomed. As Rayek looked more to Savah as a parental figure and mentor, the parents and son soon drifted apart.

They lived for millenia in the Sun Village, surviving volcano eruptions, war with the Go-Backs, zwoot stampedes, underground exile and even the human invasion that destroyed the village. Ingen and Jarrah now live in the Palace of the High Ones, learning the ways of the firstcomers.


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