Interviews with W&RP

A website page about Wendy and Richard Pini, the creators of ElfQuest, is a good and necessary thing. It provides basic information about the two human beings who have guided Cutter’s (and all his many friends and foes) tale throughout the years. But there’s also something to be said about the interview. It’s live, it’s unrehearsed, it’s a real-time snapshot of where Wendy and Richard have been at any given moment. Over time, they have given dozens, if not hundreds, of interviews — in print and on video. Here’s a selection for reading online, some recent, some “historical,” for your enjoyment. (Video interviews, as well as other video treats, are collected on ElfQuest’s YouTube channel.)

Want more? Try Googling “ElfQuest interview” or “Wendy and Richard Pini interview.” If you find something juicy we’ve overlooked, let us know and we may add it to this page!)

(Note: Some older interviews may have broken image links; the texts however are complete.)


YouTube contains a wealth of sit-down, stand-up sessions from over the years. Here you’ll find a selection of interviews from magazines, publishers, conventions, and more.

The Beat - Comics Culture

From 2019, ComicsBeat talks to the Pinis about their (then) newest ElfQuest series Stargazer’s Hunt and gets them to reflect on their enduring legacy.

Multiversity Comics

2018 was a banner year for ElfQuest, with the conclusion of Final Quest and a year-long tour. Multiversity Comics caught up with Wendy and Richard in Chicago at C2E2.

Women Write About Comics

This interview on Women Write About Comics was done at the 2018 Comic-Con International in San Diego, one of the largest gatherings of comics fans in the USA.

Bleeding Cool

From Bleeding Cool in 2014, “Celebtraing Dark Horse’s Women in Comics: Elfquest’s Wendy Pini Is Proud To Be A ‘Tough, Stubborn, Long-Surviving Woman Pioneer’

Comics Alliance

Another interview from 2014, as the Pinis are about to launch their ElfQuest – Final Quest series with Dark Horse Comics. (Currently, Comics Alliance appears to be on hiatus.)