ElfQuest is all about tribe. And while there are groups devoted to EQ on social media, we here at Warp want to give you something extra — something we’ve never done before.

What’s that? A new email newsletter direct from EQ Central to you. What will it contain? All sorts of wonderful things! For example…


Don’t wait for social media to learn the latest with ElfQuest — news, convention appearances, upcoming projects, and much more. As soon as we can share the latest word, you’ll have it in your emailbox.

Behind the scenes!

There’s a lot of preparation that goes into each ElfQuest project that few outside of Warp ever get to see. We’ll share these tidbits from time to time — and even take questions to answer.

Special offers!

Everyone loves a bargain or a “members only” sale. We’ll be offering things like special promo codes and advance notice on new ElfQuest merch so you’re ahead of the pack when it’s time to shop ’til you drop.

Archive Treasures!

ElfQuest has been around for a long time and we’ve amassed a trove of original art, sketches, scripts, and notes. Little of that hidden treasure has seen the light of day — but we’ll share it with you.

So what are you waiting for? Share your email address with us and jump to the head of the line for all this exclusive goodness plus whatever else we think of to add.

Important note: We value your trust. We will not give, sell, or otherwise distribute your name and email information to anyone outside of Warp Graphics Inc, Wolfrider Productions LLC, or any of their authorized partners or assigns, for any reason. Period.