Chief of the Go-Backs, warrior, and huntress

Kahvi is the fiery, often absent leader of the Go-Backs. She takes what she wants and does what she likes, asking no permission from anyone, and makes no apologies for it. She is happiest with sword in hand and a battle to be fought. When the Palace of the High Ones was freed from its entombment within a glacier and began calling to the elves of the World of Two Moons, Kahvi and her people were the first to answer and “go back” to their ancestral home. They boldly went to war with the trolls who blocked their way.

She rescued the Wolfriders from slaughter at the hands of those trolls when the forest elves first arrived in the Frozen Mountains on Cutter’s Quest. She invited the Wolfriders to join the Go-Backs’ war for the Palace, just as she did for Rayek and Ekuar before them. Kahvi is shrewd and practical in matters of war, and though she mistrusts magic, she was happy to leverage the elves’ magic users to her advantage against the trolls.

After her one-time lovemate Rayek banished the Go-Backs, Kahvi left her tribe on a mission of revenge against the magic-user. Many quests and adventures followed and while she never again served as the snow elves’ full-time chief, she remained a legendary hero to her people. Most of Kahvi’s actions, ethical or not, are geared toward keeping the Go-Backs’ numbers up and making sure they are in fighting shape. If they are living and dying well, she feels she is doing her job.

Kahvi Arrows

Kahvi is as much a lover as she is a fighter. Though she has had many lovemates and enjoys a good roll in the furs more than most, she found a permanent love in the unlikeliest place: the shape-changed Glider Tyldak. Though they come from radically dissimilar tribes, Kahvi’s belief that “differences make good sparks” allowed her to see past those outward differences and embrace the winged elf. Tyldak found the deepest parts of Kahvi’s heart and there was nothing that she would not do for him. She loved him enough to deliver final mercy when Tyldak was mortally wounded and to let her “beautiful bird” go.

Kahvi birthed many children in her long life. She believes the young come through their parents, but don’t belong to them, and has no idea which of the Go-Backs fathered most of her fawns. She is more concerned with equipping her offspring with the best chance in life than doling out maternal love. When her daughter Vaya, was killed, Kahvi shed a tear for her, but soon danced her grief away.  She is not above using her children for her own ends or letting other tribesmates raise them when they cannot help her reach her goals.

Kahvi spitAfter living for millenia and shedding every worldly tie, even Kahvi grew tired of life. Yet she chose not to go out in a blaze of heroic battle glory in traditional Go-Back fashion. Instead, she entertained herself in a years-long cat-and-mouse game with the human hunter Lehrigen. Though her physical life ended in an unexpected way, Kahvi kept her signature brashness and wit to her last breath.

Kahvi’s lawless philosophy put her in the role of villain as often as it did hero, but she was basically decent. While she caused a lot of inconvenience and wasn’t above lying, stealing, using others, or even warring with her own kind to accomplish her ends, she did comparatively little hurt. There is no better elf to have at your back, in life or in death, than Kahvi.

Kahvi’s spirit has manifested in the Palace of the Highs Ones, and she is as ready for action in spirit form as when she was in the flesh.






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