Scout, hunter, guard

Khorbasi is a human member of Chieftess Ember’s Wolfrider tribe. Born to the Longrider people, he lost his birth parents at an early age, but, ever-resourceful, he survived by becoming as a street urchin, “borrowing” things that others didn’t need so he could survive.

His birth mother filled his imagination with all of the wonderful tales of the “mountainfolk” spirits that are an important part of Longrider mythology. When Yun and her lovemate Mender infiltrated the Longrider town on Mender’s mission to understand how humans work, the every-watchful Khorbasi was quick to discovered them. It wasn’t difficult for one so used to living in the shadows and noticing things others ignore.

The child immediately attached himself to the two elves. Big-hearted Yun ultimately adopted him as her own and he grew up as a Wolfrider. After falling deathly ill in young adulthood, Mender did some biological tweaking to delay Khorbasi’s natural human aging process. While he won’t live forever, his lifespan will be far longer than a typical human’s.


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