Kimo is a gentle soul. Yet that didn’t stop him from following in the footsteps of his father and joining Dart’s pack of Jackwolf Riders, despite the dangers inherent in becoming one of the Sun Village’s hunters and protectors. It is a decision he never regretted, even though he was mortally wounded in the battle that killed his father.

Yet Kimo was one of the lucky ones. Wrapped in preserver webbing, he slept for thousands of years until Leetah and Mender could pool their powers to heal him. Even then he didn’t hesitate to leave Sorrow’s End for the first time and follow Dart into the dangers of the Forevergreen, where he stood steadfastly by his friend’s side through many adventures.

For all of his gentleness, Kimo is ambitious and willing to push himself hard to achieve his goals. He spent several years in the Palace of the High Ones training with Timmain herself, learning the secrets of the lost skill of shape-shifting. With time and practice, and aided by the magical boost the Palace gives all elves, Kimo broke through the magic-dampening barriers inherent to the World of Two Moons and now spends as much time in the form of a shaggy, slate gray wolf as he does in his elf form.

Kimo is completely devoted to his human friend Shuna and followed her as protector and advisor on her mission to spread a message of peace and co-existence to the human tribes surrounding the Holt. Sadly, that message was rejected by the invading forces of the Agrif Djun’s Commander of Sea and War, and Kimo was taken prisoner during the final battle between the Djunsmen and the elves of Father Tree Holt. He sacrificed himself on the Commander’s blade rather than be used as a bargaining chip for the humans’ dark cause against the elves. His body was returned to his mother Newstar in the Rootless Ones’ Dell.

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