Something we’ve noticed over many years of looking at fans’ portfolios and submissions, is that often beginners have the idea that they’ve got to get their ideas down on paper perfectly polished, right from the start. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, trying so hard could actually hinder you; as the saying goes, "Perfect is the enemy of Good" and you don’t want frustration with page 1 to keep you from nailing down pages 2 onward!

So here are some samples of how Wendy sets the ideas free first, not caring too much about details of art (or even script). These are from Elfquest – Hidden Years #12, and show the rough layouts alongside the finished pages. Remember: it’s far easier to correct a page’s composition in the sketch stage than after you’ve poured hours of blood, sweat and ink into it. (Note: These layouts, while loose, are still detailed enough to guide another artist – in this case Brandon McKinney – in the direction Wendy wanted each page to flow.)

And don’t forget to have fun!

(Click on each image for a larger version.)

"Cover layout"
"Finished cover"
page 1
"Pg 1 final"
"Pg 1&2 layout"
page 2
"Pg 2 final"
page 3
"Pg 3 final"
"Pg 3&4 layout"
page 4
"Pg 4 final"
page 5
"Pg 5 final"
"Pg 5&6 layout"
page 6
"Pg 6 final"
page 7
"Pg 7 final"
"Pg 7&8 layout"
page 8
"Pg 8 final"
page 9
"Pg 9 final"
"Pg 9&10 layout"
page 10
"Pg 10 final"

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