Healer, warrior & shape-changer

Mender is a Wolfrider who was born and raised in the Sun Village. Unlike the rest of his family, he has a wild wolfish streak and is drawn to the thrill of action and adventure. Like his grandsire Rain, Mender is a healer. With both his wild nature and the instinct to heal that is innate in all elves with his particular magical ability, Mender is a bit of an enigma, as prone to using his powers for violent attack as he is for mending wounds.

He grew up with tales of the legendary Wolfrider chief Cutter and powerful healer Leetah and when he finally met them in person he took the opportunity to learn from both of his role models. He saw a kindred spirit in the couple’s daughter Ember–herself a child of the desert and the forest–and the two are longtime lovemates.

Through Leetah’s training and the magical influence of the Palace of the High Ones, Mender’s healing powers have grown significantly to the point where he has become quite adept at shape-changing. Something of fop, Mender uses his abilities to keep his skin a handsome bronze tone even though he no longer lives in the bright sun of the desert, as well as to inhibit the growth of face-fur that is unique to male Wolfriders. Unlike Leetah, however, Mender’s scruples are loose and he sometimes abuses his power and needs to be held in check by Ember.

Mender can sometimes be prone to pettiness and jealousy, as evidenced by his reaction to Ember’s attraction to Teir. After a bit of a bumpy period, with the help of his friend Yun, Mender came to realize that there is plenty of love to go around and the one-time love triangle now lives in harmony. He and Yun are most likely to be found sharing their furs these days.

Devoutly loyal to Ember, he revels in living in traditional Wolfrider lifestyle and can sometimes get so caught up in the Now of Wolf Thought that he takes foolish risks. But as a child of many cultural influences, Mender is a supremely adaptable elf with an open mind and a well-balanced perspective on life. He’s as likely to pal around with trolls and impersonate humans as he is to be howling and hunting with the wolves.

Mender’s wild, rakish spirit seems to finally be craving something more deep and permanent than his past dalliances and lovematings as he explores his relationship with Dart.

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