Tanner, seamstress, hunter, and elder

Moonshade is a Wolfrider elder and tribal tanner. A creative “maker” by nature, she takes great pleasure in turning animal hides into beautiful, functional clothing. Although the process of tanning leather can be lengthy and tedious, she enjoys the quiet hours bringing the beauty out of supple hide and transforming it into clothing. That she also plays a useful, practical role in her tribe only adds to her enjoyment of her work. In turn, she’s also passed on her skills to others, including Tyleet and Shuna.

Always experimenting with new materials, designs and patterns, Moonshade has expanded out from leather and, working with Sun Folk tailors, learned the art of weaving preserver webbing into translucent silk. She enjoys the new challenge of turning the gossamer material into the flowing clothing favored by the elves that dwell in the Palace of the High Ones.

Moonshade is completely devoted to her lifemate Strongbow and has been known to defend him even when she knows him to be wrong. Over the centuries, they recognized multiple times and have borne three children, Crescent, Dart and Freetouch.

Though naturally quiet and peace-loving, Moonshade is strong-minded.  She does not shy away from speaking her mind when her ideals are challenged, or from picking up a sword to defend her people when they are threatened. Ever the traditionalist, she is a Keeper of the Way, reminding her tribe of (and sometimes enforcing) the simple pleasure of following the straightforward Wolfrider life philosophy. She’ll even go as far as to challenge her chief when she feels the Way is being compromised.

While sticking hard and fast to the Wolfrider’s Way has served her well for over a thousand years, living in the constant magical presence of the Palace of the High Ones has recently opened Moonshade’s heart and mind to new possibilities. She has made a radical life choice and chosen the Palace as her primary residence, dedicating herself to the study of the ways of the Firstcomers.

What effect will that have on her role as Keeper of Way and her relationship with the traditional and stubborn Strongbow?



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