Warp to publish new series of graphic novels and collections for 1998 and 1999!

May 1998 marks the return of Warp Graphics (under its Wolfrider Books imprint) to graphic novel publication after a hiatus of nearly four years. The first offering under the new program will be Shards,  a collection of issues from theElfquest: Hidden Years  series that ran from 1992 through 1996.

Shards  is volume #10 in the Elfquest graphic novel series, following the events portrayed in Rogue’s Challenge,  volume #9.Shards  builds upon the growing tension suffered by the Wolfriders in their new home as a new player enters the world of Elfquest — The ruthless and rapacious human warlord Grohmul Djun. With the assistance of the evil and lovely Winnowill, now disguised as a seductive courtesan in the Djun’s camp, the warrior has captured the shattered fragments of the Wolfriders’ most sacred relic of their past.. the Palace of the High Ones itself! And he intends to use its power to take over the entire continent.

Shards  is also the first in a new format for Elfquest collections. Readers over the years have expressed their wish for inexpensively priced collections of all the Elfquest material that had previously appeared in comic book form. Taking a cue from the Marvel Comics “phonebooks” that have appeared in the past year, Warp Graphics will offer nearly its entire comic book output in attractively priced and packaged, black and white, softcover perfect bound editions, over the next two years. Eventually, all Elfquest graphic novels will appear in uniform, reader friendly editions for those many fans who want to have the total Elfquest experience, but who can not find all of the original comic book editions.

June 1998 will see the publication of the second in the series, Legacy,  the adventures of Ember, chief’s daughter, as she takes her own tribe on a quest for the survival of the Wolfriders themselves.

July 1998 will take a turn into the future of Elfquest with the publication of The Rebels,  a collection of the first six issues of the series of the same name.

More titles will be announced as details become available.