1999 Elfquest calendar announced!

Long before they were New Age buzzwords, “lovemate” and “soulmate” were part of the Elfquest lexicon. On the World of Two Moons, life is harsh and passions run deep. When love blossoms, it is a celebration of life and family — especially if love brings tribes together in mutual survival.
The Elfquest calendar for 1999 spotlights a baker’s dozen of “Lovemates.” From the centuries-enduring bond between Wolfrider chief Cutter and his mate Leetah, to the eyebrow-raising joining of warrior chieftess Kahvi and the strange bird-elf Tyldak, the many and varied aspects of elfin romance are portrayed with sensuality and taste by Elfquest artist and co-creator Wendy Pini. All twelve plates plus cover are new, never-before-seen artwork.

Ms. Pini’s first theme calendar from Warp Graphics, 1998’s “To Hunt, To Howl, To Live Free” sold out of its print run within a month of release, and is now an eagerly sought-after collector’s item.

“Lovemates” will be 12 x 12 inches (folded size), printed on heavy coated stock, will carry a retail price of $11.99, and will be available near the end of summer, 1998.