Elves, toys, and 40,000 or so close friends…

Cutter and Leetah visit the Warp booth…

…and are themselves visited by the Dark Lady of Blue Mountain, Winnowill!

“We all know who the REAL star of the Elfquest movie is, don’t we…” (click herefor some observations on the show from Winnowill herself!)


“And while I’m at it, Mr. Publisher, I want more pages in the comics too!”

Father and daughter.

Overview of the booths. We’re sharing space with Living Toyz, the company that is producing the toys.

Diorama of the paintmasters. There are some duplicates, but what the hey, we wanted an impressive lineup!

Closeup of just a couple of the several joints that Art Asylum has designed into each of the figures, to give as wide and as accurate a range of motion as possible.

Elfmom and dad get waylaid for a photo shoot by a wandering tribe of semi-suspicious characters!

“And did you see how they all came busting like they just owned the mountain? And did they smell! And then they went and got Egg all drunk… Oh and did I say they smell? Ewwwwwww!

Invaded by Jawas… or, “The Farce” will be with you, always…

DragonballZ fan (Elfmom)’s dream come true. We were also lucky enough to be right next to the booth where the DBZ voiceover crew was doing autographings. Not only that, but those guys are all Elfquest fans! Talk about a four-day mutual admiration society. From left to right, in back, there’s Stephanie Nadolny (voice of Gohan), Richard, Wendy, Sonny Strait (Krillin). Cutter and Leetah got sandwiched almost out of existence, then in front Sean Schemmel (Goku), and Christopher Sabat (Vegeta).

Every year, Wendy (as do many of the artists in attendance) does a large drawing/painting for the folks at Comic-Con to auction to raise money for the various good causes that the convention supports. Here’s this year’s version – enjoy!

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