25th Anniversary Logos

Back in April I announced a whole boatload of ideas for celebrating Elfquest’s 25th anniversary year in 2003 (which, as I write these words, is less than a month away). Among those trial balloons was a contest to come up with one or more anninversary logos that we could use for… well, for just about anything related to a silver anniversary celebration. (You can read that announcement here.) I hoped a few people would “take the bait” and send in their ideas. Be careful what you wish for; we received over 300 entries. It was great! But at the same time, it made choosing finalists that much more difficult.
(Confession time: As webmaster, I might have gotten this page up sooner, had it not been for many exciting but time-consuming and distracting EQ possibilities in the wind since this summer. I can’t say more at this moment as details are still being hammered out; you’ve had hints, and in a month or so you’ll have news. There is majorbig new-stuff coming!)

Every entry was wonderful, and we thank everyone who sent something in. We had submissions from all over the world, from amateurs and professionals, from old and young. The judging process has not been an easy one, believe me, since in addition to seeing how people approached the “set” criteria (using the Warp wolf logo, working “Elfquest” into the mix, and so on) there were so many unique and different imaginative visions to weigh. It turned out that the only sensible approach was – every couple of weeks or so – to look at each and every entry, one after the other two or three times in a row and then to let the impressions simmer.

Here, in no particular order, are the entries that have made it in the judges’ consideration to the final stage, along with some comments. (You can click on each image to call up a larger view.) The winner or winners will be announced – or will otherwise show up here on www.andreav70.sg-host.com – January 1, 2003.

EQ Logo #1

An interesting approach to the “two moon” theme. The slight roughness given to the moon circles and the “25” is reminiscent of the primitive world of the Wolfriders. By Tatiana Barfod, Denmark.

EQ Logo #2

Good use of an existing Elfquest logo, the Warp wolf, and the “25”. Clever integration of the idea of the elves’ “eight-ness” in the background design. By Susan Foord, United Kingdom.

EQ Logo #3

Solid design that integrates all the necessary elements (Elfquest name, wolf, dates) to tell a viewer what it’s all about. By Deborah Barnhart, New York.

EQ Logo #4

An interesting visual collage that could work in certain media such as print. By Patti White, New York.

EQ Logo #5

An Elfquest coin! This design takes the concept of the logo contest into the intriguing realm of three dimensions. By Juniper Orth, California.

EQ Logo #6

Simple and bold, possibly for use in a context where the word “Elfquest” already is shown or used. By Graeme Hunt, Missouri.

EQ Logo #7

Dark and powerful – a good design for print or other media where the message would have the time and visual room to be read. By Mari Ahokoivu, Finland.

EQ Logo #9

This one’s not in the contest running, but your webmaster couldn’t resist taking a stab at the challenge to come up with a design too.