Act One of the storyboard for the planned 1994 animated feature

Click here (and scroll to the bottom of the page) for a treat for everyone who’s curious about what the storyboard for an Elfquest movie might look like. This is Act One of the imagined film as it was pitched to the Edward Pressman Film company back in 1994. Wendy spent months breaking down the elements of the story as it was presented in the graphic novels, and rearranging them in a way that would make sense for the dynamics of a movie. Please keep in mind two things: One, this is an early attempt at a storyboard. It will not be used – or even referred to – in the current effort. Two, yes indeed, every single frame of this storyboard is new artwork that Wendy created. Although it might appear at first glance that much of it was copied from the original comics, it is all new and original work.