A Letter from Warp on ElfQuest Audio Movie Premiere

Good morning (or afternoon, or evening, wherever you may be)!

Can you believe it?

Richard and Wendy here (aka Elfpop and Elfmom). In just a few days, Episode One of the ElfQuest Audio Movie will be available everywhere. It’s the exciting climax to over two years of planning and production. And, like you, we’re hoping it makes a huge splash in the world of audio podcasts.

Thank you. We couldn’t have done this without your support. For two years you’ve given your time and care and devotion, and from the bottom of our hearts to the pointy tips of our ears, we thank you.

Episode One – “Fire and Flight” – is also just the beginning. Now that the Audio Movie is really real, we have a brand-new, very important quest. Now it’s time to spread the word to all those people (yes, they exist) who have not yet heard of ElfQuest.

How? Easy! Keep doing what you’ve been doing. “Follow” the podcast – that way you’ll always have the next episode as soon as it drops. “Rate and review” each new episode the minute you’ve listened to it. Share the show with your friends. Share ElfQuest itself. Post, repost, tweet, retweet…

By the High Ones, this is all new to us and ElfQuest, being a part of something so big and amazing. It’s exciting, and just a little scary. We’re all – even Wendy and me – just people. But as Cutter said, when it came time to take on Madcoil, “We can think and act as one, and that makes us big!”

By your love and support, you’re all part of the big tribe now. It’s time to show the world what ElfQuest is and is becoming. Let’s ride! AYOOOAH!

Richard and Wendy

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