At last

It’s after midnight, thus officially Tax Day, and a weird juxtaposition of agonies – one ending and the other ongoing. Taxes never end, you see…

Elfquest.com is finally back online and, Data-like, fully functional. The migration to yet a newer server was not as smooth nor as simple as I might have liked, but neither was it as horrible as the past month with The Hosting Company That Shall Not Be Named. (Except that they’ve managed to garner several blog sites dedicated to their malpractice.)

At this point I have to give much credit to Dave Rathbun, the “phpBB Doctor” who lives at www.phpbbdoctor.com. This amazing gent made himself known to me a while back; he’s a fan of EQ who wanted to know if he could help with the old site. He’s been a bleeping saint these past few days, walking me through thickets of php code, seeking out and squashing bugs, plugging up security holes. All the words of thanks in the world aren’t enough.

We took some hits in traffic for a few days, when the entire site was pulled offline. And at the end, we discovered some flaky code that caused the Digital Elfquest online comics not to display properly – and of course that’s Elfquest.com’s primary raison d’etre. But as of now, everything seems back to normal (whatever that means) and I can concentrate on getting next Friday’s bunch o’ comics prepped and uploaded for your reading pleasure.

This isn’t particularly Wolfrider-ish, but right now, it’s not going to be hard at all to sleep at night.