Back on track

Challenges and opportunities.

The past several days have been a trial, with respect to the Elfquest.com web site. If you’ve been reading here, or have subscribed to the Elfquest Yahoo news group, or are a member of the Scroll of Colors forum, you know that the site was down for three solid days over the past weekend. Every few hours, I would contact tech support at the current soon-to-be-ex) hosting company, only to be told that the problem was being worked on. I’ll spare the gruesome details (if you’re interested, ask in a message). Suffice to say the site’s back up, running well, and once again bringing the complete Elfquest digital comic book experience to readers.

The experience felt like hell, while I was stuck in the middle of it. But one of life’s lessons (always available, whether one heeds it or not) is that there is nothing I have recently endured, that others here have not gone through in their own way, and sometimes with much greater tribulation. What, after all, is the loss of a web site for a few days, compared to the loss of a friend or loved one, or to the long-term battle with an ailment? Seeing all EQ’s new friends here, hearing from well-wishers via email and comment, it puts things into perspecive. There is nothing that we’re asked to endure, that someone else isn’t dealing with in greater measure. Trials are an opportunity both to realize that we’re not as bad off as we might be, and to realize that someone else could use our compassion even more than ourselves.

Pulpit-mode off. I’m just feeling pretty good about getting back on track with the EQ site and the online comics project. When it got launched, there was a wave of reaction, almost unanimously positive. When it got mentioned on BoingBoing, our hit counter numbers tripled in a single day. Now that word’s spreading even further (there have been more requests for interviews recently than in the previous six months) even that great shambling beast called Hollywood is taking renewed notice. The energy is high once again; it feels great!

So keep those e-cards and e-letters coming, and look for even more digital goodness from Elfquest.com in the coming weeks and months.