By Two-Spear’s Shaft:
The Universe IS Just!

This may not directly be Elfquest-related; maybe it is. If you know anything of Michael Moorcock’s “Stormbringer” stories, you know why this painting is an oh so delicious parting shot. In a way, it’s the “Easter egg” that you sit through the closing credits of a movie to see at the very end. Wendy Pini’s “Law and Chaos” was an early-1970s college project to bring an adaptation of “Stormbringer” to limited-animation life. The film never got produced but the surviving artwork did eventually see the light of day, first as the 1987 Father Tree Press paper publication, and much more recently, as a Flash-driven sort of e-book (you can read it here). The artwork is gorgeous, but equally as important are Wendy’s words – her artistic self-upbringing, her thoughts about the project, her approach to this or that image, her inner conversations. It’s a revealing look into the mind of a true storyteller, and that’s certainly something you can also bring to an understanding and appreciation of Elfquest.