Children of Elfquest

We love seeing the next generation of Elfquest fans as they grow. Recently, Melissa C. shared with us her lovely daughter Kyra and we wanted to share her here with you.

From Melissa: “You guys have been part of my life for as long as I can remember, so naturally when I had a daughter I couldn’t wait to share your wonderful story, kyra is 7 and perfect to us in every way, she is special needs and cannot communicate her needs well, she is full of joy and reminds me of Chitter if she could do all those things…I say all that to say kyra enjoys the colors and pictures while we read her your stories…thank you”


“Kyra is such a fighter and brings anyone she’s around lots of joy.”


“Her name was supposed to be Ember but her cousin was born first and got called amber so I suppose you could say her soul name is Ember.”