Cosplayer Brings ElfQuest’s Brill to Life

Brill Cosplay Damson Breet

ElfQuest fan Damson Breet Deet posted pictures of her incredible cosplay of a pregnant Brill. She writes:

Ever since reading the Final Quest Special, I’ve often thought how amazing it would be to do a special cosplay photoshoot of Brill if I ever got pregnant again. Though we don’t live near the ocean, the stars aligned and we happened to be in SoCal this Thanksgiving when I was about 4 months along! Hope you like them.  Photos taken by my hubby near Carlsbad, CA.

ElfQuest creator Wendy Pini herself was impressed and had this reaction:

Well, this is certainly going the extra mile for ElfQuest cosplay authenticity! Here’s Damson Breet Deet portraying an expectant Brill. Lovely mer-mother to be gazing out over the waves and dreaming.

Damson originally debuted this cosplay at New York Comic-Con back in 2013.

Brill Damson Breet Deet

We think this cosplay–both with and without the baby bump–is just so wonderful. You can view the rest of Damson’s photo shoot as pregnant Brill, and many other fantastic cosplays, in the ElfQuest Shape Changers cosplay group.

Brill Cosplay 2 Damson Breet Deet